Wednesday, May 10, 2023

Provo City Councilors tour Pioneer Park Community Resource Center

Councilors MacKay, Whipple, & Ellsworth
Tour Community Resource Center

"Inspiring neighbors who dare to dream and grow, to learn, love, and lead."

On May 9th, the Pioneer Park Community Resource Center invited the Provo City Council to learn more about the MyHometown Initiative. Councilors Katrice MacKay, Rachel Whipple, and Shannon Ellsworth toured the facilities, spoke with the program's directors, observed English and Computer classes, and saw closets built specifically for this program full of books and supplies.

The MyHometown Initiative is a resident, city, church, non-profit, and corporate partnership to strengthen individuals through education, build friendships through service and social interaction, and to work with neighbors to improve homes and properties. Currently, there are two programs in Provo, one located in the Pioneer Park Neighborhood and one in the South Freedom Neighborhood.

The Pioneer Park Community Resource Center is open Monday-Thursday in the mornings and late afternoons/evenings and offers these programs:
  • English as a Second Language
  • Private Piano Lessons
  • Enrichment Classes for preschoolers
  • Basic Computer Skills
  • Financial Skills
  • Parent/Child Playdates
  • Parenting Workshops
  • After School One-on-One Tutoring
  • Spanish Language Classes
  • American Sign Language Classes

The center provides snacks, free childcare for parents enrolled in classes, and offers a summer learning program for children ages 6-11. Residents who participate in the programs have the opportunity to receive course manuals, book bags of school supplies, refurbished laptops, keyboards (for a nominal fee), and earn grants. 

Besides classes, this year the Pioneer Park Community Resource Center is coordinating six "Days of Service" activities for volunteers to improve the neighborhood and three "Super Activities" to build friendships.

In 2022, the program partnered with Franklin Elementary School, Community Action, Habitat for Humanity, United Way, BYU, South Franklin Community Center, Circles, 4H; completed 64 service projects; 190 participants "graduated" from various programs; private donors contributed over $55,000 to the Provo Foundation; and 1,047 volunteers gave 28,056 hours of service, worth $827,056 of labor, within the Pioneer Park community.

To learn more about the Pioneer Park Community Resource Center, register for classes, or sign up to volunteer, 

"A beautiful, historic community where children play, and friendships are born as neighbors work and laugh together while serving one another."

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