Monday, April 3, 2023

Provo City Prepares for Spring Runoff

With the significant amount of snow we have received in the mountains, it is important to be prepared for spring runoff. Spring runoff will increase flows in the Provo River, so please use caution and maintain a safe distance from the water. High flowing water is extremely dangerous and even just six inches of water may knock people off their feet.

Public Works, Energy and Parks crews are working to clear debris from the Provo River, as well as clearing runoff materials that could potentially clog our storm drain system. The city's storm water system captures the runoff from the canyons and mountains along Provo, diverting the water to detention basins, Provo River, and Utah Lake. Debris will continue to flow down the river and will need to be cleaned as it comes. The city has secured sandbags and identified high risk areas and has plans in place of where to divert potential flood waters. Public Works has installed detention basins at Rock and Slate Canyons and has improved the storm drain systems in those areas to help carry some of the potential flood waters away.

The areas in Provo with the highest risk of potential flooding are the Provo River and our frontal canyons: Rock Canyon, Slate Canyon, and Little Rock Canyon. Localized flooding may occur due to saturated soils. Property owners should look at their own properties and address low areas that may cause flooding to buildings.

Updates, information, and a "Flood Preparation Q&A" can be found on the Provo City Public Works-Storm Water website: Storm Water | City of Provo, UT

While city crews are working to maintain and clean the storm drain system, residents can clear storm drains and gutters around their home; remove any yard waste or garbage and throw it in their bins. Residents should also protect the lower levels of their homes such as window wells or other entries. If residents have sump pumps, they should make sure they are working properly. The best time to clear it is now before the rain and spring runoff. If you notice any blocked storm drains or outfalls, please call 311 or 801-852-6700.

If residents notice blocked storm drains on state roads, they should submit a service request to UDOT at Contact UDOT | UDOT ( -- specifying that they live in Region 3. 

Provo residents can pick up a bundle of 25 sandbags per household at the Public Works Building Monday-Thursday 7:00 AM-6:00 PM at 1377 S 350 E. Residents will need to bring their own shovels to fill the bags with sand. Sand has been placed near the compost yard at 1625 S Industrial Pkwy and is available at any time and is refilled every Monday (please see map). 

NOTE: Sandbags only need to be filled between one-half to two-thirds of their capacity. Also, sandbags will deteriorate over time, so it is best to store them inside until needed.

Provo City will communicate through their social media channels and emails to residents. The best way to get information quickly is to sign up for the Everbridge notification system. For email updates visit and for Everbridge alerts visit

Right now, Provo City is working with volunteer organizations to come and fill sandbags. If flooding does occur, the city will need additional help from volunteers to place sandbags. Check the city’s social media channels for future volunteer opportunities.

Link to Mayor Michelle Kaufusi's full interview Public Works Director Dave Decker about Flood Prevention: Conversation with Kaufusi | Flood Prevention Full Interview - YouTube

Link to Flooding Q&A between Mayor Kaufusi and the Public Works Director: Conversations with Kaufusi: Flooding Q&A (

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