Monday, March 20, 2023

Provo Women Making History - Facility Services' Jean Wallace

Highlighting the women of Provo City as part of Women's History Month.

Facility Services' Jean Wallace

Facility Services' Jean Wallace originally began employment with the City of Provo in 2002 as the Executive Assistant at the Library, left the City for other opportunities, and then returned in the Facility Services Division. Jean has spent the past eight years in this role assisting in the management and maintenance of Provo’s many City buildings, equipment, and fixtures.

The Facility Services Division is responsible for the construction, remodeling and maintenance of more than 550,000 square feet in City facilities. To fulfill these responsibilities, the Facility Services Division provides technical expertise, project management, preventive and ongoing maintenance services, asset management, and contract oversight. Facility Services staff maintain and repair electrical, plumbing and HVAC systems, making certain that infrastructure operating systems in City facilities function safely, creating a clean, safe work environment for Provo City employees and Provo residents visiting our facilities.

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