Friday, March 3, 2023

Provo Women Making History - City Council Vice-Chair Rachel Whipple

Highlighting the women of Provo City as part of Women's History Month.

City Council Vice-Chair Rachel Whipple

Rachel Whipple is the vice-chair of the Provo City Council. The City Council establishes laws, sets policy, and oversees the budget for the city of Provo. She lives in a historic home in the Maeser neighborhood and loves walking and biking around Provo.

Vice-Chair Whipple served as the Maeser neighborhood vice-chair and acting chair. She has also invested her time on the Sustainability and Natural Resources Committee, LDS Earth Stewardship, Utah Chapter of The Nature Conservancy, Provo Metropolitan Water Board, and volunteering at a pro bono legal clinic in downtown Provo.

Vice-Chair Whipple is a civil litigation attorney in Provo and represents Provo's District 5. She is committed to making Provo better because "Provo is not just a great city, it is our home."

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