Friday, February 3, 2023

An Exceptional Evening - State of the City

On Wednesday evening, the Provo City Council attended the Mayor's State of the City address titled "An Exceptional Evening" at the Covey Center. At the event, Mayor Michelle Kaufusi rolled out Provo's first ever mission statement: "Exceptional Care for an Exceptional Community" and thanked the Provo City Council members for their hard work making Provo an exceptional community. 

Other speakers included Norm Wright of Noorda College of Osteopathic Medicine, Bill Hulterstrom of United Way, Carri Jenkins of BYU, and Chad Linebaugh of Sundance, who all spoke of their exceptional experiences working in Provo.

Click here to view the Mayor's address.

Provo City Council, Police Chief Beebe, and others wait for the State of the City to begin.

Photo of the Mayor and City Council members at the opening of the new City Hall building.

The City Council passed 57 Ordinances and 76 Resolutions in 54 meetings in 2022.

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