Wednesday, January 18, 2023

New Council and Redevelopment Agency Leadership

The votes were unanimous as the 
City Council and Redevelopment Agency
elect new leadership.

Recap of the January 17, 2023, Provo Municipal Council Meeting

The City Council regular meeting began with public comments focused on street safety and caring for the unhoused.

Then recognitions were given to Dr. Richard "Rick" Nielsen, outgoing Council Leadership, and Chairs in the former Neighborhood Program.
The City Council also welcomed the Executive Board members of the Neighborhood District Program. This new program started January 1st, and has Provo's 34 neighborhoods grouped into 5 districts, headed up by volunteer board members.

Next was the election and resolution acknowledging the election for the Chair and Vice-Chair of the Municipal Council. The votes were unanimous at 7-0 as Katrice MacKay was elected as the new Provo City Municipal Council Chair.

Councilor MacKay replaces George Handley as Chair and is one of the City-Wide representatives for Provo. Councilor MacKay is a Provo native and graduate of the BYU Marriott School of Business.
With another 7-0 vote, Rachel Whipple was elected as Municipal Council Vice-Chair, taking over Katrice MacKay's position. 

Councilor Whipple represents Provo's District 5 and has served on various city committees and boards of local nonprofit organizations. Councilor Whipple is a civil litigation attorney.

The City Council voted to withdraw a resolution to support the 2022 recommendations of Utah's Uniform Building Code Commission regarding building energy efficiency.

 The City Council then voted to adopt the Provo City General Plan     and appendices.

 The Redevelopment Agency of Provo meeting began with                   Shannon Ellsworth being unanimously elected as the                         Redevelopment Agency Chair. 

 Councilor Ellsworth represents District 3 and has served on the         Utah County and Provo City Planning Commission and works for  a global mining corporation.

Travis Hoban was also elected unanimously with a vote of 7-0 as Vice-Chair of the Redevelopment Agency of Provo. 

Councilor Hoban represents District 4 and is Chief Technology Officer for a tech company. Councilor Hoban has also held senior leadership positions in banking and professional sports.

To view the January 17, 2023 City Council meeting on YouTube, please go to: Provo City Council Meeting | January 17, 2023 - YouTube

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