Thursday, February 17, 2022

Council Executive Director Announces Departure

PROVO, Utah – February 15, 2022 -- The Provo Municipal Council today announced the formation of an ad-hoc committee for the recruitment and hiring of a new Council Executive Director due to the upcoming departure of their current director, Cliff Strachan. Sandy City Mayor Monica Zoltanski appointed Strachan as Chief Administrative Officer, which was approved by the Sandy City Council at their meeting tonight.

According to Strachan, "I've enjoyed working in different areas of government over my career and I'm looking forward to this opportunity to work for the people of Sandy. My most recent experience working for the Provo City Council has reinforced my belief in the need to develop good relationships. I’m excited for this new opportunity but am sad to leave behind the great team we have here in Provo.”

Strachan served as Executive Director for six years and helped streamline the Council’s annual budget review and approval process in addition to fostering good relationships between the Council and various City departments and divisions. His last day will be February 28, 2022. The Council has begun a wide search for potential candidates to fill the vacancy and hopes to find a new director that will align with Provo’s interests and continue the work done by Strachan. 

Council Chair Travis Hoban said, “It’s been a pleasure working with Cliff and we are incredibly grateful for all he and the rest of the Council staff have done to support our work here. Although we’re excited he has this new opportunity, we will miss the knowledge and experience he brought to the position.” 

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