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Citizens Agenda for Meetings on February 15, 2022

Citizens Agenda

Council meeting agendas are often difficult for people to navigate. Filled with jargon and legal requirements on how an item must be listed, it can be a challenge to determine what Council members are actually discussing or deciding on. 

What follows is a staff interpretation of the agendas. 

The official published agendas and supporting materials can be found here: 

This meeting will be conducted as a hybrid meeting, with some in-person components as well as continued virtual meeting access. The meeting will be available to the public for live broadcast and on-demand viewing on YouTube and Facebook at: and The in-person meeting will be held in the Council Chambers. For information on how to view the meetings and how to contribute public comments without attending in person, click here.


Work Meeting Agenda

12:00 pm, Tuesday, February 15, 2022

Work Meetings are designed to be a less formal venue for discussion among Council Members. Generally, no public input is taken during the meeting.


  1. A presentation regarding the Sewer Utility Update and Master Plan. (22-018)

    • Public Works will be sharing information information relative to the sewer system including an update on the wastewater treatment plant construction, other major capital projects, and an introduction to the updated sewer master plan. 

  2. A discussion regarding Wastewater Impact Fees. (22-020)

    • A Wastewater Impact Fee Facilities Plan had recently been completed and Impact Fees have been reviewed and administration recommends an increase in the Impact Fee.

  3. A discussion regarding the transfer to the Local Government Disaster Fund. (22-019)

    • In the 2022 Budget Ordinance that was adopted by the Municipal Council it states the Mayor is authorized to transfer funds to the Local Government Disaster fund based on the following: Of the remaining General Fund budget savings that are not carried over as described in Part X above, 20% ( or the maximum amount allowed to be transferred under state law, whichever is less) shall be placed in the Local Government Disaster Fund (Fiscal 2021 calculation: $1,171,963 X 20% =$234,393). The Municipal Council supported the move of $234,393 in the Council Work Session on September 21, 2021. After the completion of the fiscal year, after revenues have been compared with expenses (and adjustments authorized by the annual budget ordinance) in the General Fund to determine net revenue surplus, the Mayor is hereby authorized to allocate and deposit 10% ( or the maximum amount allowed to be transferred under state law, whichever is less) of any General Fund net revenue surplus into the Local Government Disaster Fund. Not 100% clear on what a net revenue surplus is? Assuming it is actual revenues versus the budget; (Fiscal 2021 calculation: 4,539,113 X .10 = $453,911). 

  4. A presentation regarding the FY2023 Budget (Finance and Human Resource previews revenues, debt, workforce issues, etc.). (22-016)

    • As part of the FY 2023 budget the administration would like to preview issues facing the city in the coming year, these include revenues, debt, labor cost, and other issues that will impact budget decisions. 

  5. A presentation regarding Development Services FY 2023 budget. (22-016)

    • In preparation for the drafting and approval of the FY 2022-2023 budget, each department has been asked to present to the Council. The information presented will inform future budget discussions.

  6. A presentation reviewing Provo City General Plan- Part 3 of 3 (22-011).

    • The newly drafted Provo City General Plan has been divided into 3 parts, each of which will be given a Work and Regular Council meeting for discussion and public input. This presentation and discussion is for the final of these three sections and includes the following General Plan components: Appendix A Moderate Income Housing Data, Appendix B Community Engagement Summary, Appendix C Annexation Plan, proposed changes from the Council.

  7. A discussion regarding the creation of an ad-hoc committee for the recruitment and hiring of a new Executive Director of Council. (22-023)

    • If a vacancy should arise for the Executive Director position, an ad hoc committee is created for the recruitment and hiring to fill the position.

  8. A discussion regarding redistricting adjustments to Provo School Board District maps. (22-003)

    • The Provo School Board and the public have weighed in on the proposed maps for the School Board districts and the Council will now discuss their preferences and choose an official map.

Closed Meeting

  • Closed meetings (aka executive meetings) are held without the public present and must meet one of the conditions listed in Utah State Code (§ 52-4-204 and 52-4-205 et. seq.). If a closed meeting is needed, it will be announced at that time.



Regular Meeting Agenda

5:30 PM, Tuesday, February 15, 2022

Opening Ceremony

  • Items in this category do not involve legislative action. 

Presentations, Proclamations, and Awards

  • Items in this category do not involve legislative action. 

  1. A presentation recognizing the winner of the Kindness Committee's Art Contest. (22-022)

  2. A presentation regarding the Quarterly Report for the first quarter of fiscal 2022. (22-021)

Public Comment

  • Instructions for making public comments at this electronic meeting can be found on the officially published agenda:

    • Dial 346 248 7799. Enter Meeting ID 834 9002 6622 and press #. When asked for a participant ID, press #. To join via computer, use the same meeting ID and enter passcode: 048672.

  • Fifteen minutes have been set aside for any person to express ideas, concerns, comments, or issues that are not on the agenda:

    • Please state your name and city of residence into the microphone.

    • Please limit your comments to two minutes.

    • State Law prohibits the Council from acting on items that do not appear on the agenda.

Action Agenda

  1. An ordinance amending Provo City School Board Districts. Citywide Application. (22-003)

  • This was item 8 on the work meeting agenda.

  1. An ordinance amending Provo City Code Title 15 regarding the process and requirements for appeals related to impact fees. Citywide application. (PLOTA20210273)

    • Recently, it was realized that the Provo City Code has no criteria under which an appeal of impact fees may be heard. The attached amendments are intended to clarify this deficiency. The proposed changes to Sections of Chapter 15.08 include new language to reference and concur with Utah State code, to develop a process for a developer to adjust or challenge an impact fee, to establish regulations for review of fee adjustments, to establish criteria for a department or the Mayor to grant an adjustment to the fees, and to clarify appeal rights for such actions. Planning Commission recommended approval. This was continued at the February 1 Council meeting.

  2. An ordinance amending the Zone Map Class. of 1.39 acres located 46 W to 90 W 800 N from Residential Conservation (RC) to Campus Mixed Use (CMU) to allow for a 62-unit apartment complex & authorizing a development agreement. North Park Neighborhood. PLRZ20210112

    • Tim Metler is requesting a zone map amendment from the RC (Residential Conservation) zone to the CMU (Campus Mixed Use) zone for property at 90 W 800 N, in order to build a 62-unit apartment complex as part of a phased development plan. This proposal comes as a request to change the zoning on a total of 1.39 acres of property which includes a phase one concept plan of .77 acres and a later phase to replace the existing Foxwood Apartments. The redevelopment of the Foxwood Apartment piece would come at a later date but is shown to illustrate how the two developments could work together. Planning Commission recommended denial.  This was continued at the February 1 Council meeting.

  3. An ordinance amending Provo City Code Titles 14 and 15 and the Consolidated Fee Schedule to clarify language and correct errors. Citywide Application. (PLOTA20220021)

    •  Provo City Development Services is requesting a number of ordinance text amendments, mainly in Title 14 of the Provo City Code, to make corrections or to better clarify the code standards. None of these proposed amendments make substantive changes to code regulations or to the spirit of the individual code sections; but are simply correcting errors that staff has found over the course of the previous year. Planning Commission recommended approval.

  4. An ordinance amending the Zone Map classification of approximately 7.5 acres of real property, generally located at 351 W Center Street from Public Facilities (PF) to General Downtown (DT1). Downtown Neighborhood. (PLRZ20220024)

    • Development Services is requesting a zone change for the two blocks between 500 West and 300 West, and Center Street and 100 South. This is being proposed in order to prepare the current City Center block for redevelopment into a mixed-use center. The city has partnered with the McWhinney Group from Denver, CO for a mixed-use development on the block of the current city hall. The Public Facilities zone is very limited in permitted uses and development potential. Amending the map for these two blocks to the General Downtown zone creates opportunities for the future development of the site to mix commercial, residential, and public areas on a significant section of downtown. The majority of the property surrounding these blocks is already zoned DT1 with a mix of commercial and residential uses. Planning Commission recommended approval.

  5. Reviewing Provo City General Plan- Part 3 of 3 (22-011).

    • This is the third of three public hearings for the update of the General Plan.


What do those numbers at the ends of the agenda items mean?

  • Items on the agenda are given a file number by Council staff or Community Development staff to help with tracking the item through the legislative process and to organize the supporting materials.

  • You may find it helpful in cases where an item may be worded a little differently on different agendas. Matching up that file number helps you see that it is the same issue.

Council meetings are broadcast live and available later on demand at 

To send comments to the Council or weigh in on current issues, visit Open City Hall or email all Council members at

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