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Citizens Agenda for Meetings on July 6, 2021

Citizens Agenda

Council meeting agendas are often difficult for people to navigate. Filled with jargon and legal requirements on how an item must be listed, it can be a challenge to determine what Council members are actually discussing or deciding on. 

What follows is a staff interpretation of the agendas. 

The official published agendas and supporting materials can be found here: 

This meeting will be conducted as a hybrid meeting, with some in-person components as well as continued virtual meeting access. The meeting will be available to the public for live broadcast and on-demand viewing on YouTube and Facebook at: and The in-person meeting will be held in the Council Chambers. For information on how to view the meetings and how to contribute public comments without attending in person, click here.


Work Meeting Agenda

1:30 pm, Tuesday, July 6, 2021

Work Meetings are designed to be a less formal venue for discussion among Council Members. Generally, no public input is taken during the meeting.


  1. A presentation regarding the Neighborhood Program. (21-071)

    • Provo City's Neighborhood Program has been in place for over 50 years. Council staff recently conducted a survey on Open City Hall to get insight on how residents are participating in the program and how they would like to be involved. The survey also included some ideas for potential changes. The Neighborhood Program is Chapter 2.29 of the Provo City Code. Council staff manage the Neighborhood Program under the direction of the Council and would like to give an update on the program as well as gather any recommendations from the Council on updates to be made. 

  2. A resolution approving Veracity Networks LLC’s assignment of franchise agreement to Firstdigital Communications, LLC. (21-057)

    • Veracity Networks LLC has notified Provo City that it intends to sell its assets and assign its rights to FirstDigital Communications LLC. Pursuant to Section 8.1 of the Franchise Agreement and Provo City Code § 5.03.030, this action requires approval of the Provo City Municipal Council.

  3. A presentation on Envision Utah's Valley Visioning work. (21-080)

    • Envision Utah and the Utah Valley Chamber of Commerce completed a multi-year project to look at growth in Utah County. Phase One of the Valley Visioning project took place from October of 2018 through April 2019. A total of 12 public workshops were held across Utah County in which over 400 people were engaged. In addition, the online survey received 2,700 responses. The following document summarizes stakeholder outreach and public engagement to identify the top priorities for Utah County through 2050. It was found that safe and neighborly communities, economic opportunity, and natural recreation contribute most positively to resident quality of life while traffic, poor air quality, and crowding contribute most negatively. Looking forward, Utah Valley residents and visitors feel the highest priorities should be managing water, improving transportation, reducing air pollution, and improving education. Phase Two of the Valley Visioning project took place from April 2019 to January 2020. This phase focused on the development of scenarios based on the feedback from six priority working groups. These priority group topics are: Air Quality, Water Quality and Quantity, Workforce and Education, Agriculture and Open Space, Housing, and Transportation. Five scenarios were modeled for impacts such as traffic, air quality, water usage, and teacher wages. The scenarios survey was opened in October 2019 and we recorded results through January 2020. In addition, Envision Utah held seven in-person workshops throughout the county to collect feedback. Over 11,000 people responded to the survey online and in person. These results form the beginning of the final vision. In Phase Three, the priority working groups from Phase 2 were reconvened between February and March of 2020 to review the scenario survey results and develop draft vision statements, goals, and strategies. Through the summer and fall, Envision Utah developed and vetted a final countywide vision to ensure that the vision is a valuable resource for Utah County residents and decision makers. Cities throughout Utah County were consulted to review and add their ideas to the final vision. The project concluded with the release of the vision document on November 17, 2020. However, Envision Utah and Association of Utah County Chambers (AUCC) continued to engage county leaders following the release. The vision was endorsed by the Utah County Council of Governments in April 2021.

  4. An ordinance updating Provo City Code to remove gendered language and to make other minor corrections for consistency and stylistic purposes. (21-073)

    • The Utah State Code and Constitution have been amended in recent years to make the documents more inclusive by removing gendered language. Council staff have undertaken a review of the Provo City Code after Councilors expressed interest in doing the same for the City code. This ordinance would update the City Code throughout all the titles of the code to make such changes. This ordinance also includes several stylistic and grammatical updates to other subsections of the code. The changes to Titles 14 and 15 have been referred to the Planning Commission as a separate ordinance, after which they will be sent to the Council with a recommendation from the Planning Commission and staff. The updates to gendered references have been drafted using the State's legislative drafting guide as a reference point and staff intend to draft a legislative style guide for Provo City which they will bring to the Council for consideration as an appendix to the Council Handbook at a later date.

  5. A Resolution Appropriating $1,250,175 in the Legacy CIP Fund for the Acquisition of Land near Slate Canyon (21-058)

    • Provo City Administration recommends the appropriation of $1,250,175 in the Legacy CIP Fund for the acquisition of land near Slate Canyon. After the appropriation, the remaining unappropriated amount in the Legacy CIP Fund would be $729,110.

  6. A presentation regarding a new Golf Cart Lease for the Golf Course. (21-081)

    • Due to the increase in revenue and play, the golf course is wanting to enter a new lease for new and additional golf carts. The Golf Course has been in a lease agreement with Yamaha for the past 15 plus years. The Golf Course is wanting to enter into a new lease agreement with Club Car. Partnering with Club Car will allow the golf course to expedite the process of going completely electric and green with its golf cart fleet in the future. The increased golf course revenues will cover the cost of the additional carts. 

  7. A discussion regarding the Council’s priorities for future appropriations from the Legacy CIP Fund. (21-037)

  • Currently there is $1.9 million in the Legacy CIP Fund account with a $1.25 million appropriation pending to purchase property at Slate Canyon. That leaves approximately $729,110 in the fund for future projects. Staff will present some possible and proposed uses for these funds

Closed Meeting

  • Closed meetings (aka executive meetings) are held without the public present and must meet one of the conditions listed in Utah State Code (§ 52-4-204 and 52-4-205 et. seq.). If a closed meeting is needed, it will be announced at that time.



Regular Meeting Agenda

5:30 PM, Tuesday, July 6, 2021

Opening Ceremony

  • Items in this category do not involve legislative action. 

Public Comment

  • Instructions for making public comments at this electronic meeting can be found on the officially published agenda:

    • Dial 346 248 7799. Enter Meeting ID 881 2793 9657 and press #. When asked for a participant ID, press #. To join via computer, use the same meeting ID and enter passcode: 684656.

  • Fifteen minutes have been set aside for any person to express ideas, concerns, comments, or issues that are not on the agenda:

    • Please state your name and city of residence into the microphone.

    • Please limit your comments to two minutes.

    • State Law prohibits the Council from acting on items that do not appear on the agenda.

Consent Agenda

  • Items on the consent agenda are generally routine in nature, have been fully vetted in other meetings, or do not need additional discussion. They are approved together as one item.

  1. An ordinance updating Provo City Code to remove gendered language and to make other minor corrections for consistency and stylistic purposes (21-073)

  2. A resolution approving a lease agreement with DLL Finance LLC for 75 golf carts over 5 years. (21-081)

  3. A resolution approving Veracity Networks LLC’s assignment of franchise agreement to Firstdigital Communications, LLC. (21-057)

  • Approval of minutes

Action Agenda

  1. A resolution appropriating $1,250,175 in the Legacy CIP Fund for the acquisition of land in Slate Canyon. (21-058)

  • This was item 5 on the work meeting agenda.

  1. A resolution transferring $200,000 from the General Fund to the Energy Fund for land acquisition and appropriating $463,450 in the Police Department in the General Fund for a metal building and incinerator. (21-082)

    • The Police Department is in need of space suitable to park and store equipment. The Energy Fund owns a piece of land that could be used for this purpose. The land would be purchased from the Energy Fund via a transfer from the General Fund. A metal building would be constructed on the property. A new evidence incinerator is also needed. An RFP was issued, and bids reviewed. The low bid was $421,000 for the building and $42,450 for the incinerator. [This was discussed with the Council at the June 15 work meeting.] 

  2. An ordinance amending the Zone Map classification of approx 23.5 acres of real property, generally located at 200 N Lakeshore Dr. from Agricultural (A1.10) and (A1.5) to Residential (R1.8) and Residential Agricultural (RA) Zone. Fort Utah Neighborhood PLRZ20210049

    • The applicant proposes R1.8 zoning for the 23+ acre subject property to develop 69 single-family lots (one lot is proposed to be zoned RA or Residential Agricultural) near 200 N and Lakeshore Drive. The subject land has historically been used for agricultural use. The subject property is bounded on the north by the Provo River and on the south and east by residential development. Agricultural land and the Provo River lie to the west of the property. A park is proposed for land north of the development and west of Lakeshore Drive west, beyond the Provo River, the land lies in unincorporated Utah County. Land lying west and south of the proposed rezone area has agricultural and residential agricultural zoning. The vast majority of land lying east and northeast of the subject land has single-family residential zoning (R1.8 and R1.10). The land lying directly north of the property has agricultural zoning. Planning Commission recommended approval. This was continued at the June 15 Council meeting.

  3. An ordinance amending the Zone Map classification of approximately .80 acres of real property, generally located at 690 E 500 S, from Residential Conservation (RC) to Medium Density Residential (MRD) zone. Maeser Neighborhood. (PLRZ20210086)

  • The 0.82-acre subject property lies in the RC Zone in an area of mixed uses. There are many residents in the area, which appear to be single-family. There is attached housing just to the south of the subject property. A large apartment complex is under construction just to the northeast of the property. There are a few small businesses near the subject property. The property lies approximately one-half block north of the Provo City Cemetery. Two dwellings and a detached garage lie on the subject land. The subject property has an abundance of open space that may be currently under-utilized. Planning Commission recommended approval with conditions. This was continued at the June 15 Council meeting.

  1. A resolution approving a substantial amendment to the Program Year 2019 Annual Action Plan reprogramming CDBG-CV Funds for COVID-19 public health response. (21-050)

    • In response to the pandemic caused by the spreading of the Corona Virus COVID-19, the federal government provided an economic stimulus package through the Coronavirus Aid, Relief and Economic Security Act (CARES Act), which made available, at the first tranche, $5 billion in supplemental CDBG-CV funding to prevent prepare for, and respond to the coronavirus. 

    • The funds are administered by the Office of Community Planning and Development (CPD) of the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). To use the funding, the City is required to amend its PY2019 Annual Action Plan (AAP). 

    • The CARES Act provides flexibilities and waivers for CDBG grantees to make it easier to use CDBG-CV grants for coronavirus response, including amending the City’s Citizen Participation Plan to suspend regulatory requirements associated with CDBG funds, such as a reduced comment period, opportunity to hold virtual public hearings and citizen participation reasonable notices and opportunities to comment. 

    • A duly noticed Public Comment Period from June 23, to July 6, 2021 is conducted for citizens, partner agencies, and other interested parties to review and comment on the Plan’s proposed amendment. Electronic copies of the Plan are available for public review at the City’s website

    • The public hearing on July 6, 2021 will close the Public Comment Period, present the Plan (Exhibit A) to the Municipal Council and public in general, show proposed uses to the recommended projects for CDBG-CV funds (Exhibit B), and an opportunity for the Municipal Council to reprogram funds for the CDBG-CV funding and approve the Substantial Amendment to the Plan.


What do those numbers at the ends of the agenda items mean?

  • Items on the agenda are given a file number by Council staff or Community Development staff to help with tracking the item through the legislative process and to organize the supporting materials.

  • You may find it helpful in cases where an item may be worded a little differently on different agendas. Matching up that file number helps you see that it is the same issue.

Council meetings are broadcast live and available later on demand at 

To send comments to the Council or weigh in on current issues, visit Open City Hall

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Comment below (requires Google account), on our Facebook page, through our online comment form, or by contacting Council Members directly. Comments/input on items appearing on an upcoming meeting agenda will be compiled and provided to Council Members the day before the meeting. **Note - your comments will be part of the public record.

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