Monday, April 19, 2021

New Joaquin Parking Solutions survey on Open City Hall

Open City Hall survey:

Joaquin residents and Provo City have worked since the 1960’s to find a solution to the high demand for parking in the Joaquin Neighborhood, with three attempts in the last 15 years alone. In 2019, the Council created the Joaquin Parking Committee to learn from past attempts and work with residents, commuters, and business owners to create a solution uniquely tailored to the Joaquin Neighborhood. With expanded alternatives to driving (like UVX and FrontRunner) and more flexible technology, we have more tools than ever to address this old problem!

The committee found that 85% of respondents to a past Open City Hall survey feel there is a parking problem in Joaquin, and 60% regularly have trouble finding parking. City staff found that parts of the neighborhood are overparked by about 115%. Simply put, there is more demand for parking spaces than there are spaces. This is especially a problem in the evenings.
Now, after two years of research, surveys, and focus groups, the Parking Committee would like to propose a new approach to residential parking permits than what has been done in the past. Different areas of Joaquin have different parking needs. Rather than a more traditional permit (ex: University Gardens or Foothill Park), this new approach to parking would be more dynamic and flexible to address parking on a block-by-block basis.

New parking solution:
  • Drivers would pay for on-street parking as they use it
  • The cost of parking would be as low as possible and vary to meet demand (based on location, time of day, etc.), potentially as low as a few cents per hour
  • The first half hour would be free to accommodate short visits, drop-offs, pick-ups, etc.
  • Drivers would be able to pay by app, website, and phone
  • The program could be applied overnight initially and expanded as needed to manage high-demand parking areas
  • This program would be applied everywhere demand for parking exceeds a certain threshold, which has yet to be determined
  • The program is adaptable to address parking demand by business customers

The Parking Committee’s goal with this new solution is to improve safety and quality of life, reduce the frustration of finding a parking spot, encourage more efficient use of off-street parking, and increase active modes of transportation.

This proposal has been presented to the Council, Mayor’s Office, Administration, Transportation and Mobility Advisory Committee and the Planning Commission and attendants at a Joaquin Neighborhood Meeting. Now we would love to hear from you! Please let us know what you think and share any suggestions you have.

For more information about this parking solution and parking in Joaquin in general, check out these presentations:

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