Thursday, October 15, 2020

Support for the Provo School District Bond





WHEREAS, the Municipal Council recognizes the value of an educated citizenry and that the educational facilities must foster a positive learning environment; and


WHEREAS, the current operating budget of the Provo School District cannot support the much-needed repairs to Timpview without taking financial resources away from educational opportunities for students and meaningful resources from faculty; and


WHEREAS, Timpview High School is already showing signs of deterioration due to ground subsidence and some of the buildings are no longer safe to be occupied; and


WHEREAS, Provo School District has diligently studied the issue of building replacement and reconstruction and concluded this is the least expensive option with the minimum disruption to both students, faculty, and residents in the neighborhood surrounding Timpview High School; and


WHEREAS, Provo School District has been notified by Utah State Risk Management that due to the condition of Timpview High School insuring the facility has become an untenable risk, and without insurance there is a likelihood that Timpview will need to be shut down in its entirety; and


WHEREAS, Provo School District is being fiscally responsible in pursuing a General Obligation Bond as the most economical way to correct the problems at Timpview High School; and


WHEREAS, if this General Obligation Bond does not pass, more expensive and intrusive means will need to be undertaken to correct the issues at Timpview High School, which will lead to the disruption to students, families, faculty, and residents across the entire school district.


NOW, THEREFORE, be it resolved that we, the members of the Provo City Municipal Council, express our support for the Provo School District General Obligation Bond.

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Concerned Citizen said...

Look. The answer is No. Why are you building 4 lane roads the width of 8 lane roads? Concrete havens for nothing. How about you steal the money back from these construction companies and build your own darn high school with the funds they stole from us. Destroying our city and neighborhoods with such concrete nonsense is one of the worst things that you have done. Nobody likes you guys whether you were involved in those dumb decisions are not. How about you fill those new elementary schools you so desperately needed first! You are out of control and out of your minds. No one is happy with your rotten money corrupt irresponsibility.

Sam Bryan said...

While I do agree with you that budget issues are a big deal. And I don't agree with some of the desinges of the roadways. Claiming that the city is waisting provo tax payer dollars is flat out wrong. The primary source of funding for projects like 500 w is federal. See my link below.
So to say we can just "steal" that money to pay for a HS is wrong.
I also agree we do need more elementary and jr high schools, but my only reason for voting no on the previous bond was the cost. This new bond seems reasonable and we shouldn't dismiss it because it doesn't cover all of our needs.,P2008_EPM_MASTER_PROJ_XREF_NO,P2008_PROJECT_TYPE_IND_FLAG:9428,0,0

truth in frugality said...

looking on the school district site, we see there is also in the "planned phases", a soccer field??

truth in frugality said...

...and look at all the rest of the frivolities not mentioned ???

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