Tuesday, October 20, 2020


The Provo City Municipal Council tonight expressed support for Governor Herbert’s new Public Health Order and called on all persons in the city to follow the Utah State Health Guidance Levels as recently enacted. Noting that Utah County has moved to defer to the state’s Public Health Order, the Provo City Municipal Council tonight voted to follow their lead by rescinding the city’s recent COVID-19 response ordinance.

Over the past week it became apparent that there was confusion with the overlap of Provo’s COVID-19 ordinance, Utah County’s health order, and Utah’s public health order. All three contained mask requirements as well as limits to social or public gatherings.

The Council continues to support the guidance of public health officials regarding wearing masks, maintaining physical distance, following restrictions on social gatherings, and practicing good hygiene. As Governor Herbert pointed out, social gatherings continue to be the source of more outbreaks and slowing our return to more normal activity. 

While case counts in Provo have plateaued, the surge is now hitting our hospitals. Because of this, we aim to provide better protection for Provo residents and visitors by reducing the chance of confusion over multiple sets of restrictions. We support the move by the Governor Herbert and the Utah Coronavirus Task Force to establish guidance based on public health metrics.

Here is what this means:

  • Utah’s Health Guidance Levels are in effect and have placed all of Utah County in the “high transmission” level 

    • Masks are required

    • Social gatherings limited to 10 or fewer

    • Physical distancing, practicing good hygiene, and staying home when sick are recommended

Council Chair George Handley stated, “Tonight’s decision is not a change in our feelings about the seriousness of the pandemic and the need for strict compliance with health guidelines. We are grateful for the guidelines that the State has now put in place. The Council is prepared to act to protect our citizens if needed, we’ll continue to be vigilant and revisit it if conditions warrant.”

“I applaud the Provo City Council for eliminating confusion for our citizens by repealing their mask mandate to follow the State’s new COVID-19 health order. This action creates a unity between Provo City, Utah County and the State of Utah that will better protect community health,” said Mayor Michelle Kaufusi.

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