Thursday, October 29, 2020

Letter from Members of the Provo City Council in Support of Proposition 9

Letter of Support for Proposition 9:

Shall Utah County adopt the alternate form of government known as the Executive – Council (also
known as the Mayor – Council) as recommended in the proposed optional plan?
As members of the Provo City Council, we encourage all eligible voters in our city and
surrounding communities to vote in favor of Proposition 9.

Proposition 9 will replace our county government’s current form from three full-time
commissioners, who handle both administrative and legislative functions, to five part-time
councilors with legislative powers and a single full-time mayor overseeing the
administrative operations.

We support this change because it will improve the quality of representation and
create checks and balances through the separation of powers. This form is used at the
federal, state, and municipal levels of government. Similarly, it will work well at the
county level.

Some have claimed that passing Prop 9 will make the county government cost more.
Just the opposite is true. The proposition will reduce the net cost by over $250,000 by
replacing two full-time with five part-time positions. The size and cost of government
have the potential to grow in the future regardless of the form we use. Cache County,
which has been using this form of government for 35 years, is in the bottom three
counties state-wide for taxes and fees per capita.

Vote “YES” for Prop 9, for a more responsible and responsive county government.

Provo City Councilors
George Handley
David Harding
David Sewell
Bill Fillmore
Shannon Ellsworth
David Shipley

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