Thursday, June 25, 2020

Statement on Open and Public Meetings

Some in our community have asked when City Council and Planning Commission meetings will be held again in person at the City Center. It is a good question; one which we wish we could answer, “soon.” For now, the answer is that the Council will continue to hold online meetings indefinitely.

Governor Gary Herbert issued Executive Order 2020-1, Declaring a State of Emergency Due to Infectious Disease COVID-19 Novel Coronavirus, on March 6. On March 18, recognizing that “public monitoring and participation requirements in the Open and Public Meetings Act…will gather interested persons, members of the public, and members of a public body in a single, confined location where the risks of further spreading COVID-19 are far greater;” he issued Executive Order 2020-5, which suspended the requirement to have an anchor location for public meetings until the expiration of the state of emergency declared in the first executive order. Last week, the Utah State Legislature, via HJR504 extended the state of emergency until August 20. It also passed HB5002, Open and Public Meetings Act Amendments, which gives a public body the ability to hold electronic meetings without an anchor location if the chair of that public body “makes a written determination, supported by stated facts, that conducting the meeting with an anchor location presents a substantial risk to the health and safety of those who may be present at the anchor location; and complies with certain public notice requirements.” This last requirement may not be necessary under the current state of emergency, since the Governor declared and the Legislature has extended it twice now, but the law now provides more local control based on local circumstances.

Monday, June 22, 2020

Summary of Action | Meetings on June 16, 2020

Work Meeting
1:00 PM, Tuesday, June 16, 2020
Electronic Meeting

Summary of Action

Approval of Minutes
- June 2, 2020 Work Meeting
Approved by unanimous consent.


1.  A discussion regarding potential updates to the budget. (20-008) Presentation only. This item was already scheduled for the Council Meeting on June 16, 2020.


2.  A presentation regarding an update on the Innovation Grant Fund Program. (20-096) Presentation only.


3.  A presentation regarding the State Auditor's Office Fraud Risk Assessment. (20-012) Presentation only.

Sunday, June 14, 2020

Citizens Agenda for Meetings on June 16, 2020

Citizens Agenda

Council meeting agendas are often difficult for people to navigate. Filled with jargon and legal requirements on how an item must be listed, it can be a challenge to determine what Council members are actually discussing or deciding on.

What follows is a staff interpretation of the agendas.

The official published agendas and supporting materials can be found here:

Due to the risks of public gathering associated with the spread of COVID-19, these meetings will be conducted entirely via electronic means. For information on how to view the meetings and how to contribute public comments, visit our blog:


Work Meeting Agenda

1:00 pm, Tuesday, June 16, 2020

Work Meetings are designed to be a less formal venue for discussion among Council Members. Generally, no public input is taken during the meeting.


  1. A discussion regarding potential updates to the budget. (20-008)

    • This is the Council's opportunity to make any changes to the budget before the second of two required hearings in the Council Meeting this evening. The Council has discussed carryovers in the past, and final language must be determined before the resolution adopting the budget is approved.


  1. A presentation regarding an update on the Innovation Grant Fund Program. (20-096)

    • The Innovation Grant Fund Program was created several years ago to encourage our employees to think outside the box and be innovative in their approach to their jobs or challenges. The program successfully launched one round of initiatives/ideas. However, the program was not implemented in fiscal year 18/19. In late 2019, the program was re-initiated and the program began promoting and soliciting Provo City employees to submit innovative ideas. The criteria for selecting an innovative idea were as follows:

      • cost savings to Provo City as a whole

      • cost savings to individual departments

      • service and quality improvement to Provo residents

      • increased efficiency

      • contribution to public safety or quality of life and finally

      • innovation or a compelling concept

    • The Administration will present three brief updates from Police, Fire, and Community and Neighborhood services on the innovative submissions from these departments.


  1. A presentation regarding the State Auditor's Office Fraud Risk Assessment. (20-012)

    • On January 7, 2020, the Council heard a presentation in a Work Meeting regarding the Utah State Auditor's Office Fraud Risk Assessment for Municipalities. This is a follow-up presentation to inform the Council of updates on the City's activities and progress related to filling out this assessment to determine the level of Provo City's fraud risk.

Policy Items Referred from the Planning Commission

  1. A discussion regarding a Letter of Intent with PEG Development. (20-097)

    • The Redevelopment Agency has been working with PEG Development for a facility that would provide additional Class A office space in the downtown and also meet the RDA's obligation to Utah County to provide 350 parking spaces for the Utah County Convention Center. PEG has encountered difficulties in getting sufficient commitments of the office space to allow their construction lender to release the financing to commence construction. PEG has asked the Agency to consider leasing enough space to reach the 60% threshold and obtain the financing. This is scheduled to be heard at the July 7 Council meeting.

Tuesday, June 9, 2020

Summary of Action | Meetings on June 2, 2020


Work Meeting
1:30 PM, Tuesday, June 2, 2020
Electronic Meeting

Summary of Action

Approval of Minutes

January 22, 2020 Legislative Breakfast

Approved by unanimous consent.


1. A presentation from the Provo School District. (20-092) Presentation only.

2. A discussion on the proposed FY 2021 budget. (20-008) A motion that Provo City
Municipal Council directs that the City “pick-up” (that is, pay) the required member
contribution, which will be designated as employee contributions, on behalf of
employees serving as a Public Safety Officer or as a Firefighter that are members of the
Public Safety and Firefighter Tier II Hybrid Retirement System was approved 7:0.

3. A discussion regarding beer licensing regulations and density restrictions. (20-077) A
motion to strike restaurant regulations from any further discussion in the committee
was approved 4:3, with Bill Fillmore, David Sewell, and David Harding opposed.

Policy Items Referred from the Planning Commission

4. An ordinance amending the Zone Map classification of approximately 18.5 acres of real
property, generally located at 901 West 1560 South, from Residential Agricultural (RA)
and Agricultural (A1.5) to One-Family Residential (R1.7)). Lakewood Neighborhood
(PLRZ20200079) Presentation only. This item was already scheduled for the Council
Meeting on June 2, 2020.

5. An Ordinance Text Amendment request to add the Very Low Density Residential
(VLDR) zone to the Provo City Code as Chapter 14.14F. Citywide application
(PLOTA20200120) Presentation only. This item was already scheduled for the Council
Meeting on June 2, 2020.

Closed Meeting
A closed meeting was held.


Monday, June 1, 2020

Citizens Budget FY2021

As part of their work reviewing the proposed Provo City budget, the City Council staff have prepared a document to help Councilors and the public quickly gain an understanding of what is proposed in the budget. The Citizens Budget is a great resource for those unfamiliar with the terms used in the budget and the accounting methods the City is required to use.

Click on the image above to see the Citizens Budget. More information about the budget process and links to the proposed Provo City budget can also be found on our website:

The public is invited to comment on the budget on Open City Hall or at the June 2 or June 16 Council meetings.

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Comment below (requires Google account), on our Facebook page, through our online comment form, or by contacting Council Members directly. Comments/input on items appearing on an upcoming meeting agenda will be compiled and provided to Council Members the day before the meeting. **Note - your comments will be part of the public record.