Monday, February 3, 2020

Tell Us What You Think About Restaurants With Brewing Onsite

The Provo City Council is considering a proposal to allow ancillary microbrewing within restaurants in the General Downtown, Downtown Core, and Regional Shopping Center zones.

This would permit limited on-site production of beer for on-premise consumption only. These restaurants would be under the same State requirements as any restaurant that serves alcohol (see regulations below). The issue before the Council only involves permitting the land-use. If it passes, local licensing requirements would need to be discussed and set.

Because of comments received on this item and some questions that Councilors wanted researched, the proposal was continued to the February 18 Council meeting.

Share Your Thoughts

A new topic has been launched on Open City Hall to gather more public input. It also contains more information about the proposal. Please take the survey online at before February 11, 2020. This feedback and the results of staff research will be presented to Councilors for that February 18 meeting.


These restaurants would be required to meet the same standards as any restaurant that serves alcohol (as set by the Utah Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control). These regulations include:
  • Making at least 70% of their sales from food
  • Using an “approved electronic age verification device to verify proof of age of persons who appear to be 35 years of age or younger”
  • Not permitting patrons to leave with open containers of alcohol
  • Not selling alcohol to a patron who is not also purchasing “food that is prepared, sold and served at the restaurant”
  • Not being located within 300 feet measured by ordinary pedestrian level or 200 feet measured in a straight line of churches, schools, parks, playground, or libraries

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