Thursday, September 19, 2019

Wastewater Planning

The Provo City Council has been receiving updates from and working with the Public Works Department to plan for anticipated wastewater (sewer) infrastructure needs for several years now. One issue is the need to upgrade the wastewater treatment plant to meet new standards that will soon be required. The other issue is meeting the needs of growth west of the freeway.

Council approved a five-year plan for increasing wastewater rates in order to address the needs of a new plant and additional infrastructure. This allowed the necessary funds to be raised without having to bond for the projects or deplete the fund balance that needs to be available for emergencies. Those scheduled increases recently began appearing on utility bills.

The treatment plant will continue to operate and then will be phased out over time as each portion of the new facility is built. This will allow a "pay as you go" approach rather than bonding.

Public Works has identified areas of the city that do not have gravity sewer available and would not be recommended for development until infrastructure is in place that provides gravity sewer as well as areas with major or minor capacity issues. A ten-year plan has been developed for projects to address the sewer infrastructure needs.

To view the presentations and discussions regarding these plans, here are some helpful links:

New Water Reclamation Plant Frequently Asked Questions (presented to Neighborhood Chairs on October 1, 2019)

West side sewer projects through 2025

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