Thursday, January 10, 2019

Honoring Master Officer Joseph Shinners

At the first Council Meeting of 2019, a moment was taken to honor Master Officer Joseph Shinners. Before new Council leadership was chosen, 2018 Council Chair Gary Winterton offered this statement before calling for a standing minute of silence:

On the evening of Saturday, January 5, Officer Joseph Shinners of the Provo City Police Department was tragically killed in the line of duty. It is the first homicide of a Provo City Police officer since 1890 and the first line of duty death in the nation this year. 

Our hearts are heavy tonight with the loss of Officer Shinners. In the hours since his tragic death, we have heard many stories of this great man.  It is clear that he was devoted to service in every area of his life and was loved by all. His three years of service to our police department made a big impact and we support Chief Ferguson in posthumously promoting Officer Shinners to Master Officer.

We extend our deepest sympathies to his family, especially his wife Kaylyn and his son Logan. No words we could say will ever be enough, but we want them to know that we do love them and they are in our prayers. 

Our police officers and their spouses are grieving at this terrible loss. They are family, too. All of us here have the highest respect for our police department. We are so grateful for them and for the difficult work that they do, for the sacrifices they make to keep our community safe. We have been fortunate in Provo to have these type of events be very rare, but even one is way too many.  We will never forget this tremendous sacrifice that each one of you make for us. Thank you!

To  everyone who has stepped up to help and show support, we thank you also. There will be a vigil tomorrow night at 7 pm in front of the police headquarters. We also invite the community to bid farewell to Officer Shinners on Saturday. His funeral will be at 11 am at the Utah Valley University UCCU Center. Afterward, there will be a procession to his final resting place in Springville. We encourage everyone who is able to line the streets and line the route of this procession. More details of the route will be posted on our Facebook page as it becomes more secure.

We appreciate all of you being here. We appreciate the support of the community. This is hard on our community and we will get through this. We will become stronger because of this. We be closer together and we’re grateful for each of you who continue forward.
The details of the procession route can be found here:

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