Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Council Certifies Results for Bond

The Provo Municipal Council, meeting today as the Board of Canvassers, certified the results of the 2018 municipal general obligation bond election. Council members were impressed by the voter turnout and grateful to all who participated in this year’s election. The Police, Fire and City Facilities Bond passed, allowing up to $69 million in bonds to be issued to fund the replacement of Fire Station 2, headquarters for the police and fire departments, emergency dispatch (911) facilities, and city hall.

Council Chair Gary Winterton said, “I speak for the entire Council when I say that we don’t take the increased tax burden lightly, but we are grateful that we can now move forward responsibly to replace these failing facilities. I want our Provo residents to know how much we appreciate the time they took to get involved, take tours of the facilities, come to meetings, and to share with us their thoughts and concerns. Thank you!”

With the passage of the bond, Provo City leaders intend to issue general obligation bonds early in 2019 and to issue by the end of this year requests for proposals leading to the selection of architects and construction managers for the Police, Fire and City Facilities project and the Fire Station #2 project. It is anticipated that site improvements for the Police, Fire and City Facilities project would begin in 2019 with construction to continue into 2022. Fire Station #2 has a shorter construction timeline with completion expected in 2020.

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