Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Citizens Guide to Information on the Bond First, Some Voter Info

If you are registered to vote, you should have received your ballot in the mail by now. If you have not, please contact the Utah County Clerk's Office to check your voter registration status (801-851-8128 or If you are not registered to vote, you can register online at or at the Utah County Clerk's Office. Voter registration deadline is Tuesday, October 30. Not sure how to vote by mail? Here's a great video that show you how. Mailing in your ballot requires a first class postage stamp, but you can deliver it in person to the customer service lobby at Provo's City Center Building (351 West Center Street) to save a stamp.

Website for Police, Fire and City Facilities Bond

Provo City has established a website with details about the bond, links to background information and documents, and answers to frequently asked questions. also provides links to the voter information guide and informational videos. Additional information is added to the site as it becomes available.

Submit Your Questions

The Council has opened an area on Open City Hall for people to submit questions about the bond. You can also read the answers to questions others have submitted.

Town Hall

The Council held a Town Hall on October 23 to discuss the proposed bond (see video below). It included a presentation on the background of the current facilities and what brought Provo City to where we are now with the bond on the ballot. The presentation also included a timeline for how the project would move forward if the bond passes and what would likely happen if the bond fails. Members of the community were invited to speak for and against the bond and the remaining time was given to a question and answer session.

We have linked to the individual questions/comments in case you want to go directly to that portion of the video:
1. Question about options considered about site selection
2. Question about how median home value was determined.
3. Question on some of the specific bond language.
4. Question about the tax structure and why property tax has to be used. 
5. Question about how the costs of the proposed new facilities were determined.
6. Question about potential redevelopment on current site and whether any proceeds could be used to offset bond costs. 
7. Statement supporting the bond.
8. Could the other sites considered be used without such extensive remodeling? What happens with cost overruns?
9. Mayor and others - additional responses to question about tax base and why property tax has to be used.
10. Architect explains more about how the cost estimates were prepared and amounts included to prevent cost overruns.

 On display at the Town Hall were some timelines:

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