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Citizens Agenda for Meetings on May 15, 2018

Citizens Agenda
Council meeting agendas are often difficult for people to navigate. Filled with jargon and legal requirements on how an item must be listed, it can be a challenge to determine what Council members are actually discussing or deciding on.
What follows is a staff interpretation of the agendas.

The official published agendas and supporting materials can be found here:

Work Meeting Agenda
12:00 PM, Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Work Meetings are designed to be a less formal venue for discussion among Council Members. Generally, no public input is taken during the meeting.

  1. A discussion on Council priorities. (18-004)
    • The Council had a discussion in January regarding Council priorities and how best to achieve them. With the Council entering budget season, Council Leadership would like to have a discussion about how best to use funds to achieve these priorities.
  2. A presentation on the Sewer Treatment Siting Study (18-052)
    • Public Works contracted with four consultants to do a site evaluation for the location of the new sewer plant. This presentation will give an update on their findings.
  3. A presentation on the review of the 2017 Vote-By-Mail Process and an update on the 2018 Election (18-060)
    • At a Board of Canvassers meeting on September 5, 2017, Bryan Thompson offered to meet with the council following the 2017 election to review the county’s experience with vote-by-mail and share any lessons learned. Additionally, Mr. Thompson will provide an update on Utah County’s plan for the 2018 election. Originally, Utah County planned to conduct the 2018 election using a combination of absentee voting and traditional voting machines; however, on April 13, 2018, Utah County reversed their decision and announced they would conduct a vote-by-mail election.
  4. An update on the deer harvesting program (18-061)
    • On July 19, 2016, the Municipal Council authorized an urban deer control program to reduce the impact of deer on the upper east bench. Prior to this, there had been numerous complaints from residents about property damage and nuisance caused by the deer coming out of the mountains. Camille Williams will share the most recent statistical data related to the program.
  5. A discussion regarding the supplemental budget requests and the variance in tax revenues. (18-005)
    • Each year, there are a number of supplemental requests that pass through finance and have to be prioritized in the event there are extra funds at the end of a fiscal year. Finance will present the list plus justification for the approved projects and give an update on the variances between this fiscal year and last fiscal year.
  6. A discussion on options for funding on Miss Provo and parade float (18-055)
    • This was initially discussed at the May 1 work meeting. Provo City and Miss Provo have been partners in promoting Provo for many years, with the City providing limited financial support for the Miss Provo Organization, and a parade float to promote the City with the expectation that Miss Provo participants would ride in the parade. Since 2016, the City Council Office has been Provo City’s liaison to the Miss Provo Organization—a role that had previously been fulfilled by the Mayor’s Office. As a result, the Council Office budget includes funding for Miss Provo and the associated city float. This discussion will address support regarding regarding the Miss Provo pageant and their involvement with the Provo City float. A public survey was conducted to gauge public opinion and help with Council’s discussion.

Closed Meeting
  1. The Municipal Council or the Governing Board of the Redevelopment Agency will consider a motion to close the meeting for the purposes of holding a strategy session to discuss pending or reasonably imminent litigation, and/or to discuss the purchase, sale, exchange, or lease of real property, and/or the character, professional competence, or physical or mental health of an individual in conformance with § 52-4-204 and 52-4-205 et. seq., Utah Code.
    • Closed meetings (aka executive meetings) are held without the public present and must meet one of the conditions listed above.

Regular Meeting Agenda
5:30 PM, Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Opening Ceremony
  • Items in this category do not involve legislative action.
Approval of Minutes
Presentations, Proclamations, and Awards
  • Items in this category do not involve legislative action.
  1. A presentation of the Mayor's Award of Excellence
Public Comment
  • This public comment period is intended to allow comment on matters that do not appear on the agenda. Each speaker will generally be limited to two minutes. Fifteen minutes has been set aside for this comment period.
  • For items on the agenda requiring a public hearing, time to comment will be provided, after the item is presented, for all those who wish to speak.
  • For items not requiring a public hearing, public comment will still be taken following presentation of the item, but will be limited to a ten minute total comment period.
Action Agenda
  1. A resolution of the Provo City Municipal Council regarding the implementation of a New Water Reclamation Facility. (18-051)
    • This resolution is being submitted for Council’s approval on the City’s financing plan for a new water reclamation plant, which needs to be submitted to the State by June 1 in order to meet the requirements of the City’s water quality regulation variance.
  2. **CONTINUED to a future Planning Commission meeting** The Community Development Department requests a Code Amendment to Chapter 14.20 (SC3 Zone) to establish an open space requirement for the residential portion of mixed-use developments within this zone. Citywide impact. (PLOTA20180113)
    • This was publicly noticed to be heard at the May 15 Council meeting but was continued by the Planning Commission and not ready to be heard by Council at this time.
  3. **CONTINUED to a future Planning Commission Meeting** An ordinance amending Provo City Code to increase the height limit for assisted living facilities in the Low Density Residential (LDR) Zone. The project initiating this proposed change is in the Riverbottoms Neighborhood, but the proposed amendment would have a citywide impact. (PLOTA20180054)
    • This was publicly noticed to be heard at the May 15 Council meeting but was continued by the Planning Commission and not ready to be heard by Council at this time.
  4. A resolution tentatively adopting a proposed budget for Provo City Corporation for the fiscal year beginning July 1, 2018 and ending June 30, 2019. (18-005)

Redevelopment Agency of Provo
  1. A resolution tentatively adopting a proposed budget for the Redevelopment Agency of Provo City Corporation for the fiscal year beginning July 1, 2018 and ending June 30, 2019. (18-062)
Storm Water Special Service District
  1. A resolution tentatively adopting a proposed budget for the Provo City Storm Water Service District for the fiscal year beginning July 1, 2018 and ending June 30, 2019. (18-063)

What do those numbers at the ends of the agenda items mean?
    • Items on the agenda are given a file number by Council staff or Community Development staff to help with tracking the item through the legislative process and to organize the supporting materials.
    • You may find it helpful in cases where an item may be worded a little differently on different agendas. Matching up that file number helps you see that it is the same issue.
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