Thursday, August 10, 2017

Summary of the August 8 Meetings

In the Work Session

Parking Administration
Matthew Taylor, Provo's new Parking Administrator gave a presentation on the interim direction and priorities of the Provo Parking Administration. He will begin with the Provo Strategic Park Plan draft that was developed by consultants. Taylor explained that some of the challenges are related to perception and education. Wayfinding signage would help people find available parking that may not be easy to see. A Park Provo Facebook page has been created to share information in this ongoing discussion.

Economic Development - Retail
Council heard another in a series of presentations from the Economic Development Department. The focus of this one was retail incentives and retaining business. Provo has a "toolbox" of what it can do to incentivize businesses to relocate here. One of those is tax increment financing (TIF). Here is a video on how that works. The issue of businesses leaving Provo was also addressed. They often relocated due to limited land and building inventory, need for larger facility, workforce, and location/proximity. Council plans to meet with Economic Development on August 17 for an extra work session focused on retail.

Development Approval Process
Council's Development Approval Process Review (DAPR) Committee has been working to streamline the process for land-use applications that are submitted to Provo City. Under the current guidelines, it can take at least five weeks for an application to go from the Planning Commission meeting to a Council meeting. DAPR presented their recommendation on changes to noticing land use items. This was approved and staff will work on making the changes to the process Watch for more details once this process is in place.

The Council also:
  • Discussed a proposed appropriation of funds to conduct an impact fee analysis and implement an impact fee facilities plan.
  • Discussed details of a resolution to issue up to $30 million of general obligation refunding bonds for the Provo Recreation Center. This would result in a total savings of $2.8 million by taking advantage of lower market interest rates.
  • Discussed road funding and upcoming planned road rehabilitation projects.
  • Heard an update on Victim Services grants.
  • Discussed an ordinance amendment to make city noticing requirements consistent with state law. This will be formally heard at the August 29 Council meeting. 
  • Discussed an ordinance amendment to increase the size of signs permitted in the regional shopping center zone. This will me formally heard at the August 29 Council meeting.
  • Discussed an ordinance amendment to eliminate the facade stepback for buildings in the general downtown zone in the Downtown Neighborhood. This will be formally heard at the August 29 Council meeting.
  • Discussed an ordinance amendment to reduce the average apartment square footage from 800 feet to 600 feet in the general downtown zone in the Downtown Neighborhood. This will be formally heard at the August 29 Council meeting.

In the Formal Meeting

Recreation Center Bond
Provo City has an opportunity to refund (refinance) the General Obligation bond on the Provo Recreation Center due to lower market interest rates. The estimated benefit would be an 8.9% Net Present Value benefit with a total savings of $2.8 million and annual savings of $188 thousand. The savings will directly benefit those paying property taxes. Council unanimously approved a resolution to authorize the issuance and sale of up to $30,000,000 aggregate principal amount of general obligation bonds.
The Council also:
  • Heard a presentation on Officer Travis Bushman as the August Employee of the Month.
  • Heard a presentation by the Covey Center on the play 'Murder by the Book.'
  • Held a public hearing on the Provo River Land and Water Conservation Fund Property Conversion Draft Environmental Assessment. This will return to Council at the August 29 meeting for a formal vote.
  • Passed a resolution adopting the Mountainland Pre-Disaster Hazard Mitigation Plan.
  • Approved an ordinance amending City Code to allow accessory dwelling units attached to an industrial use in the manufacturing park zone in the Rivergrove Neighborhood. 
  • Approved an ordinance regarding street-side yards on corner lots.
  • Approved an ordinance regarding patio roofs and their extension into a required setback.
  • Passed a resolution appropriating funds for an Impact Fee Study.

This is a general summary of the Council's meetings. For a more detailed agenda and minutes, please visit our public documents site:
Video recordings: Work Meeting and Council Meeting.

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