Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Provo City Council Work Meeting, August 29, 2017

Agenda  (Time stamps have been added on YouTube to the individual agenda items to help you find them in the video.) 
12:00 PM, Tuesday, August 29, 2017
Room 310, City Conference Room
351 W Center, Provo, UT 84601

Roll Call
Approval of Minutes
 1.   A discussion on a conservation easement for Rock Canyon (17-085) 
2.   A discussion on the Economic Development Department's efforts in workforce development, startups, and women, minority and underserved populations (17-087) 
3.   An update on the General Plan review (17-099) 
4.   A discussion on fee updates for Stormwater, Wastewater, Utility Transportation Fund, and the Fire Department (17-101) 
5.   A discussion on the Stormwater Fee Schedule (17-102) 
6.   A discussion on the Zoning Committee's recommendation to amend Provo City Code 6.26.150 (17-104) 
7.  A presentation and discussion on Budgeting for Outcomes (17-103) 
8.  A discussion on the Council's goals concerning minimum unit size requirements (17-111) 
9.  A discussion on possible code changes regarding signage (17-110) 
10. A discussion involving the Utah Municipal Power Agency (UMPA) and the Hunter Power Plant Assignment (17-115) 
11. A discussion on funding and appropriations related to an airport improvement project including issuance of sales tax revenue bonds, execution of a Tax Increment Pledge Agreement and development agreement by the Redevelopment Agency, and a resolution appropriating $11,529,568 in the Airport Fund for infrastructure improvements (17-112, 17-113, 17-114) 
Policy Items Referred from the Planning Commission 
12.  LaVorn Sparks requests an Ordinance Amendment to Section 14.17.020 to add to Conditional Uses SLU #4603 Long-term Vehicle Storage including autos, trucks, and boats (on unimproved lots when non-contiguous to residential zones) within Public Facilities Zones. Citywide impact. (17-0012OA) 
Closed Meeting
 13. The Municipal Council or the Governing Board of the Redevelopment Agency will consider a motion to close the meeting for the purposes of holding a strategy session to discuss pending or reasonably imminent litigation, and/or to discuss the purchase, sale, exchange, or lease of real property, and/or the character, professional competence, or physical or mental health of an individual in conformance with � 52-4-204 and 52-4-205 et. seq., Utah Code. 

Materials and Agenda: http://publicdocuments.provo.org/sirepub/meet.aspx

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