Thursday, July 13, 2017

Summary of the July 11 Meetings

In the Work Session

Joint Meeting with Metropolitan Water Board
This was the first joint meeting of the Council with the board members of the Metropolitan Water District. The Metropolitan Water District (MWD) plays a specific role in the future of water and water rights within Provo. The Utah Metropolitan Water Act was set up so that these metropolitan water boards would be separate entities from the cities they serve. It is a quasi-governmental unit. They have the ability to levy a tax, but cannot do so without Council approval.

Provo City can buy water rights, but they don’t have the ability to sell any of those rights. Only a Metropolitan Water District has access to sell/lease water rights. For example, if there are specific rights that Provo City is interested in, and knows they are never going to sell, it may be wise for Provo City to purchase those rights, rather than the PMWDB. Looking to the future, it is critical that Provo City and the PMWDB are smart about water and water rights in Provo City, follow federal and state legislation, and provide for our anticipated population needs.

Downtown Provo
Downtown Provo, Inc. (DPI) is a business association in the downtown area and receives Provo City support. Council asked to hear from Quinn Petersen, who was recently hired as executive director of DPI, on the activities and goals of the organization.

The Economic Development Department began the first in a series of presentations to Council. This first presentation focused on their efforts in downtown Provo. They facilitate business interactions with City departments and services and act as a point of contact for downtown businesses. In addition to asking what Provo City can do to help the business, they also ask what we can do to get out of their way. The Economic Development Department promotes and supports business activity through business attraction, expansion, and retention. You can see videos of recent activity on their Facebook page.

The Council also:
  • Was introduced to prospective board and commission appointees.
  • Discussed a proposal from the Rules Committee regarding policy on minutes.
  • Discussed the transition to OnBase for agenda management and the video component that can be added to their Agenda Online product.
  • Discussed a zone change request to allow for accessory apartments for homes located along 690 South and 770 South, east of 1100 West, in the Sunset Neighborhood. This will be formally heard at the July 18 Council meeting. 
  • Discussed a request for an amendment to allow for larger signage for Provo Towne Center Mall in the regional shopping center zone in the East Bay Neighborhood. This will be formally heard at the July 18 Council meeting. 
  • Discussed a zone change request from residential agricultural and agricultural to one-family residential and neighborhood shopping center zones for a property in the Sunset and Lakewood Neighborhoods. This will be formally heard at the July 18 Council meeting. 
  • Discussed a zone map amendment request from one-family residential and residential conservation to medium density residential on 2.5 acres located on the northeast and southeast corners at 900 East and Center Street, in the Foothills and Provost Neighborhoods. This will be formally heard at the July 18 Council meeting. 
  • Discussed an amendment request to allow eating places and personal services within the residential conservation zone in existing commercial structures. This will be formally heard at the July 18 Council meeting. 
  • Discussed a zone change request of 58.6 acres located at 1500 South State Street from light manufacturing to low density residential in the Spring Creek Neighborhood. Council passed a motion that the area be considered for an R1.10 zone. This will be formally heard at the July 18 Council meeting.

No formal Council meeting was held on July 11.

Additional Meeting

Provo-Orem Council Joint Meeting
Provo will be holding its first vote by mail election this year. Since Orem held one in 2015, its leaders shared its experience with voter turnout and answered questions about common concerns as well as lessons learned. They emphasized the need for voters to visit to verify that they are registered to vote and that their mailing address is listed correctly. Ballots will not be forwarded like other mail. Provo City has information about candidates and the voting process on

Utah Transit Authority (UTA) took advantage of having both Councils together to give an update on the Provo Orem Transportation Improvement Plan. Construction is 35 percent complete and the first of 25 buses has been received. They have a goal of opening August 2018 to do testing and to be fully operational in early spring 2019. Information and updates on the project can be found at

Following the meeting, members of both Councils got a sneak peek at one of the buses purchased for the bus rapid transit route. It is an articulated bus and has several doors along the sides of the buses (like TRAX) to facilitate quick loading and unloading at the platforms.

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This is a general summary of the Council's meetings. For a more detailed agenda and minutes, please visit our public documents site:
Video recordings: Joint meeting with Metropolitan Water Board, Work Meeting, and Provo-Orem Council Joint Meeting.

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