Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Summary of the April 11 Meetings

In the Work Session

Property Acquisition for Provo River Trail
Since the passage of the Recreation Arts and Parks tax, Provo City Parks and Recreation has been working to improve the Provo River Trail. The trail segment with the most public concern involves the former KOA Campground and Lamplighter Trailer Park, which is fenced on both sides of the narrow trail alignment. When the property owners were approached about negotiating an improved trail route through their property, they indicated they were putting the property on the market.

Acquisition of this property would provide a continuous 14 foot wide enhanced and relocated alignment of the trail adjacent to the river, effectively eliminating the current safety, accessibility and use issues. This property, consisting of over four acres, would provide additional space for other west side neighborhood park amenities. The size and topography of this property will be ideal in protecting frontage along the Provo River and will allow City Storm Water Division access for potential flood control. Council heard a presentation at the work session and voted unanimously at the regular meeting to appropriate the funds to purchase the property.

Airport Master Plan
The FAA requires an updated Airport Master Plan and the Provo Airport is currently in the pre-planning process. Some of the focus issues are a new passenger terminal area, immediate aircraft hangar development, primary runway enhancements, crosswind runway justification, and on/off-airport land use considerations. It is anticipated that the plan will be submitted to the FAA for review in 2019.

The Council also:
  • Was introduced to the future City Recorder. Council will vote on approval of the appointment at the April 18 Council meeting. 
  • Discussed the notice from Utah County of intent to terminate the interlocal agreement for operation and maintenance of the Ice Sheet.
  • Discussed budget appropriations for Public Works. These will be formally heard at the April 18 Council meeting.
  • Heard another in a series of presentations from Provo City's Water Division.
  • Discussed a proposed amendment that would adopt minimum dwelling unit sizes in the Downtown One, Downtown Two, and ITOD Zones.
  • Discussed a request to consolidate development and subdivision plan application submittal requirements found in various chapters of the Provo City Code.
  • Discussed the recommendations from the Development Approval Process Review (DAPR) Committee regarding land use applications. This discussion will continue at a future work session.

In the Formal Meeting

Elected Officials Compensation Commission
Heard the recommendations of the Elected Officials Compensation Commission to increase Council member annual salary to $18,000 and Mayor's salary to $120,000 and that the existing benefits remain in effect. Their recommendations were based on an evaluation of the annual salaries in comparable Utah cities and consideration of the scope of duties for each position. Council has until June 20 to vote on any change. If a change is approved, it would go into effect beginning January 1, 2018.

The Council also:
  • Heard a spotlight on the Riverbottoms Neighborhood.
  • Passed a resolution to apply for the 2017 Utah County Recreational Municipal Grant.
  • Appropriated $1,040,000 for acquisition of 4.15 acres of property located at 320 North Geneva Road.
  • Continued to the April 18 Council meeting an ordinance amending Provo City Code to change yard requirements in the one-family residential zone.
  • Continued to the April 18 Council meeting an ordinance amending Provo City Code to adopt minimum dwelling unit sizes in the DT1, DT2, and ITOD Zones.
  • Passed an ordinance amending Provo City Code with regard to development and subdivision plan application submittal requirements and expiration deadlines.

This is a general summary of the Council's meetings. For a more detailed agenda and minutes, please visit our public documents site:
Video recordings: Work Meeting and Council Meeting.

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