Monday, March 27, 2017

Summary of the March 21 Meetings

In the Work Session

Vote by Mail
Every year, the City’s Finance Department presents the Capital Improvement Project (CIP) Report, which gives Council members and citizens a preview of proposed projects that will take place around Provo over the next five years, based on available funding. Here are a few examples of upcoming projects from this year’s CIP Report that already have designated funding available:
  • Bike lanes on Bulldog Boulevard
  • New street and security lights in some areas of town
  • Improvements to a long stretch of the Provo River Parkway Trail
  • A new water line on Stadium Avenue to meet the water demand
Council members asked clarifying questions about various projects throughout the presentation. If you’re curious about what other projects are in the report, click here to access the document.

Water Division Presentation
The Public Works Director continued a presentation on the Water Division that he began at the last work meeting on March 7th. The Council members learned about Provo’s water sources and storage as they currently stand. In addition, they learned of future opportunities that could help ensure an adequate water supply in the future. These presentations on the Water Division will continue over the next several work meetings.

The Council also:
  • Heard a presentation regarding property management and parking issues.
  • Discussed vote-by-mail and the results of the Open City Hall survey.
  • Discussed whether they should appropriate funds for 1) getting rid of asbestos at the former Utah County Security Center and 2) the demolition of that building.
  • Discussed recommendations from the Council’s Zoning Committee. This will be on the work meeting agenda again on April 11.
  • Heard a presentation regarding the 2017 Utah County Recreational Municipal Grant.
  • Heard a presentation regarding a resolution that would ratify the Redevelopment Agency’s consent to a change in ownership interests in the Provo Towne Centre Mall.
  • Discussed a proposed amendment that would eliminate the combined front/rear yard requirement in a section of the City Code. This item will be formally heard at the April 11 Council meeting.
  • Discussed a proposed amendment that would adopt minimum dwelling unit sizes in the Downtown One, Downtown Two, and ITOD Zones. This item will continue at the April 11 work session and Council meeting.
  • Discussed a proposed ordinance amendment that would allow a developer to build an apartment complex buffered by 10,000 square foot single family lots in the Riverbottoms Neighborhood at 21 West and 4800 North. Planning Commission will hear this item on April 12, 2017, and then it will come back to the Council’s Work and Council Meetings on April 18, 2017.
  • Discussed a request to consolidate development and subdivision plan application submittal requirements found in various chapters of the Provo City Code. This item will come forward at both the work and council meetings on April 11.
  • Discussed a zone change request at approximately 890 South and 1600 West in the Sunset Neighborhood in order to facilitate the development of 70 lots of at least 8,000 feet. 

In the Formal Meeting

2017 Vote by Mail
Council approved funding to contract with Utah County to administer vote-by-mail elections this year. While citizens will still have the option of voting in person on Election Day, most residents have indicated their support of vote-by-mail for reasons like increased convenience. Many other cities in Utah County are also opting to go with vote-by-mail.

The Council also:
  • Passed a joint resolution with the mayor that appointed temporary Justice Court Judges for the Provo City Center Justice Court.
  • Passed a resolution ratifying the Redevelopment Agency’s consent to a change in ownership interests in the Provo Town Centre Mall.
  • Appropriated $725,000 in the General Fund to pay for the cost of asbestos abatement and demolition of the former Utah County Security Center.
  • Passed an ordinance amending the Code to adjust the parking ratios for off-street parking.
  • Amended the Zone Map Classification at approximately 890 South and 1600 West in order to facilitate the development of 70 lots of at least 8,000 feet.
  • Amended the Consolidated Fee Schedule to add a meter reading fee to recover some of the costs incurred for customers opting out of having an AMI meter.
  • Passed an ordinance amending the Official Neighborhood Map.

    This is a general summary of the Council's meetings. For a more detailed agenda and minutes, please visit our public documents site:
    Video recordings: Work Meeting and Council Meeting.

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