Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Summary of the February 21 Meetings

In the Work Session

Off-Street Parking Standards
The Provo City Community Development Department presented their request to amend sections of the City Code regarding parking ratios for Baching Singles, ITOD, General Downtown, and Downtown Core Zones. There have been a number of complaints from residents and businesses on streets near developments with reduced parking ratios. Council members wanted to give developers and Provo residents ample opportunity to comment and have decided to continue the discussion at the March 7 work session and open it to public hearings at the March 7 and March 21 Council meetings.

The Council also:
  • Discussed a proposed ordinance amendment to the Provo City Permit Parking Area Program. This will be formally heard at the March 7 Council meeting.
  • Heard a presentation about the process of converting Land and Water Conservation Fund property regarding Bounous Park.
  • Approved an amendment from the Rules Committee changing the Implied Motion language in the Council Handbook.
  • Discussed a Budget Committee request for a Water Division review. 
  • Discussed a nomination of a property to the Provo Landmarks Register. The Erik C. & Sine J. Henrichsen House is located at 690 West 300 South in the Franklin Neighborhood. This will be formally heard in the March 7 Council meeting.


In the Formal Meeting

Camping on Public Property
Council passed an ordinance regarding camping on public property. There is a great deal of flexibility for officers on what action to take and officers are under no obligation to cite someone. The ordinance also allows for exceptions if no other overnight shelter is available. Provo Police will begin by educating the homeless population on this new ordinance. Watch the discussion from the Council meeting for more information on this ordinance. The Mayor's blog has additional information.

The Council also:

  • Saw a preview from the Covey Center of their current production of "Last Train to Nibroc."
  • Passed a resolution appropriating funds for the hiring of a parking manager, a full-time collections person and an accounting clerk.
  • Passed an ordinance expanding the Foothill Park Parking Permit Area.
  • Passed an ordinance amending City Code regarding disposal of property and the surplus property list.
  • Passed a resolution appropriating funds for the purchase of fire apparatus and authorizing the execution of a master tax-exempt lease purchase agreement.
This is a general summary of the Council's meetings. For a more detailed agenda and minutes, please visit our public documents site: http://publicdocuments.provo.org/sirepub/meet.aspx
Video recordings:  Work Meeting and Council Meeting

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