Thursday, February 2, 2017

Council Goals for 2017

Provo High Principal Karen Brown speaking at State of the City
Council members recently joined community leaders and others for Mayor Curtis' final State of the City address. Hosted by Provo High School, they received a warm welcome from the enthusiastic students and Principal Karen Brown. Included in the Mayor's goals for 2017 was good governance. He mentioned a budget focused on value and results for the taxpayers, neighborhood plans, zoning compliance, and an increase in citizen engagement.

We appreciate the shout-out from Mayor Curtis on our work to improve zoning compliance in Provo. The Council voted to create a Zoning Compliance Committee and continues to move forward with recommendations on improving the land use (development) application process.

Great progress has been made on the priorities set one year ago and Council members decided to continue on with the same group of priorities for 2017. While none of these will ever truly be "done," it is hoped that room can be made for other items that need the Council's attention in the future. Dave Harding explained, "Some of these desired outcomes will take years to achieve, but we have been able to set a course."

Dave Sewell commented on the work done regarding the development application process, "We made a lot of progress but there's still a lot to do around implementation."

Each area of priority has most of the goals or outcomes being addressed in some way. Kim Santiago also pointed out that many accomplishments were made that were outside of the specific desired outcomes listed when the priorities were set.

The Council will continue to pursue its nine priorities identified last year and looks forward to ongoing progress in each area.

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