Thursday, December 8, 2016

Summary of the December 6 Meetings

In the Work Session

Vision 2030/2050 Updates
Council completed their discussion and review of the recommended updates to Vision 2030, now Vision 2050. Community Development will compile the new draft of the document and Council has asked that it be placed on Open City Hall for public review and comment. Announcements will be made when it is posted to Open City Hall.

Arts Council
As part of the recreation, arts, and parks (RAP) tax discussion there was an interest in dedicating 15% of those funds to promoting the arts in Provo. Council heard a presentation about creating an arts council that could guide the City in the distribution of those funds. Provo previously had an arts council, but that dissolved a few years ago. The Mayor recommended Elliott Wilcox, Andrew Maxfield, and Liz Maxfield to be on that council. They have two objectives in mind - to use RAP tax funding for a national arts series and to create a local arts grant program. City administration will continue to develop the idea and return to Council at a later date.

The Council also:
  • Heard the biannual report from the Mayor's Sustainability Committee.
  • Discussed amendments to chapter 4 of the Council Policies and Procedures Handbook recommended by the Rules Committee. Phase one of the recommendations was accepted and the remaining recommendations will be discussed at the January 3 work meeting.
  • Approved the recommended membership of the newly created Impact Fee Process and Review Committee.
  • Heard a presentation on an appropriation request for Fire Department equipment and software purchases. 
  • Discussed Provo City's Driveway Standard.
  • Discussed a request for an amendment to the Provo City Major Street Plan for the extension of 620 North from Lakeshore Drive to Lakeview Parkwy in the Lakeview South Neighborhood.
  • Discussed a request for an ordinance text amendment to Chapter 14.20, Regional Shopping Center Zone, to allow for mixed-use redevelopment of the Plum Tree Shopping Center.
  • Discussed a request for amendments to the Provo City Sign Ordinance to increase signage allowanceds in the DT1, DT2, ITOD, Gateway, and West Gateway Zones. This will be formally heard at the January 3 Council meeting.


In the Formal Meeting

North Timpview Neighborhood:
Council heard a spotlight on the North Timpview Neighborhood from Neighborhood Chair Bonnie Morrow and Vice Chair Carolyn Tyler. They spoke about several areas of commercial and residential development in their neighborhood. Remodeling is happening with Edgemont Plaza as well as several homes where owners chose to remodel. The jewels of their neighborhood are the three schools - Canyon Crest Elementary, Edgemont Elementary, and Timpview High School - as well as the Indian Road Trailhead. They are very excited about the North Timpview Park which is expected to be developed in about five years.
Lakeview Parkway Project:
Lakeview Parkway is a new five-land arterial road that is an extension of the Westside Connector to provide improved access and traffic flow between the I-15/University Avenue interchange up to the area generally located at 2000 North Geneva Road. Council heard a request to authorize City administration and staff to use eminent domain proceedings if necessary to secure property for the Lakeview Parkway and Trail Project. The project is currently in phase one and has received construction funding through Mountainland Association of Governments. Right-of-way for the properties needs to be secured prior to beginning construction. Provo City is in currently various stages of negotiation with different owners of property within the project boundaries. Council heard from the property owners and then opened the floor for public comments. After lengthy discussion, Council voted to postpone the vote in order to request additional information and will hear this item again at the January 3, 2017, meeting.

The Council also:

  • Heard a presentation recognizing Sally Breeden for her efforts at Rock Canyon Park.
  • Heard a presentation from Amy Norton of Wasatch Chorale about the Messiah Sing/Play Along that will take place on December 12.
  • Joined the Mayor in congratulating the graduates of the most recent Provology 101 class.
  • Received the audit report from Hansen, Bradshaw, Malmrose, & Erickson and was presented with the 2016 Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (CAFR).
  • Passed an ordinance amending Chapter 2.28 to change the number of Metropolitan Water Board members and rules for removal.
  • Passed a resolution appointing Cindy Richards, Scott Steffensen, Dave Decker, and Gary Calder to the Metropolitan Water Board and reappointing Greg Hudnall, Richard Brimhall and Wood Miller.
  • Passed a resolution adopting the 2017 Council regular meeting schedule. Meeting dates can be found on the calendar.
  • Passed an ordinance amending Section 2.50.010 regarding the procedure to adopt, suspend, or repeal Council rules.
  • Passed a resolution authorizing an appropriation for Fire Department equipment and software purchases.
  • Passed a resolution for an amendment to the Provo City Major Street Plan for the extension of 620 North from Lakeshore Drive to Lakeview Parkwy in the Lakeview South Neighborhood.
  • Passed an ordinance a amending Chapter 14.20, Regional Shopping Center Zone, to allow for mixed-use redevelopment of the Plum Tree Shopping Center.
  • Passed an ordinance amending the zone map classification from Agriculture to Residential for land at 54 West 4200 North in the Riverbottoms Neighborhood.
  • Continued to the January 3 Council meeting a request for a resolution to adopt the Southeast Neighborhoods Plan as a component of the Provo City General Plan.
This is a general summary of the Council's meetings. For a more detailed agenda and minutes, please visit our public documents site:
Video recordings:  Work Meeting and Council Meeting

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