Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Provo City Council Work Meeting, November 15, 2016

Joint Meeting with Transportation and Mobility Committee
11:30 PM, Tuesday, November 15, 2016

1. Recommendation for complete streets standards

2. West Side planning

3.  TMAC work list overview


Agenda  (Times have been added to the ends of the individual agenda items to help you find them in the video.)

12:30 PM, Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Council Business: Outcomes and Ends Policies
1. A presentation regarding diesel emission testing in Utah County (16-121)  (0:02:50)

2. A discussion regarding the use of concept plans for general plan amendments and rezoning
applications, in the context of the Development Review Process (16-023)  (0:35:16)

3. A discussion regarding Lot Line Adjustment in the context of the Development Review Process
(16-023)  (1:22:18)

Council Business: Governance Process and Rules
4. A discussion on the Budget Committee's recommendation regarding the impact fee process
Mayor's Items and Reports  (1:39:24)

5. A discussion regarding sections of Vision 2050 (16-051)  (2:20:25)
  • Section 3: Recreation and Parks
  • Section 4: Natural Resources
  • Section 5: Heritage
  • Section 6: Prosperity
6. A discussion updates to Chapters 4.02 and 4.03 of the Provo City Code regarding the Unclassified
Civil Service (16-120)  (3:29:45)

Upcoming Policy Items referred from the Planning Commission
7. A discussion on a zone change request: Brady Deucher requests a Zone Change from A-1 Agriculture to Residential R1.10 for approximately four acres of land located at 54 West 4200 North in the Riverbottoms Neighborhood. (16-0011R)  (3:43:05)

Administrative Updates

Closed Meeting


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