Thursday, July 21, 2016

Summary of the July 19 Meetings

In the Work Session

Duncan Aviation
Provo City will be doing some improvements at the Provo Municipal Airport to facilitate the expansion of Duncan Aviation. Council reviewed and discussed options for funding the improvements and moved to allocate $2.5 Million through a CDBG Section 108 loan, $189,524 from the Energy Department CIP, and $124,183 from the General Fund.

Monday, July 11, 2016

Urban Deer Control Program

Provo City's Urban Deer Control Program is intended to maintain a balance between the number of deer within the city and the negative impact they create. It is estimated that 500 urban deer reside in our city. These are deer that stay in the city rather than return to the mountains. New deer that are born in the city are staying here, increasing the population.

Updating Provo's Vision for the Future - Updated 7/28/16

Vision 2030 is Provo City’s visioning document and is due for an update. Community Development previously reached out to Neighborhood Chairs for input. Council has also requested holding open houses around the city to get input from our residents. We will be discussing a high level look at the future of Provo, focusing on what we want Provo to become.

Read the latest version of the document here:
The open house events will focus the discussion on:
  • Section 1 - Family and Neighborhoods
  • Section 2 - Land Use and Growth
  • Section 9 - Transportation and Mobility
  • Section 3 - Recreation and Parks
Please read these sections in advance of the event so we can jump right into the discussion. Rather than focus on the steps to get there, this is a visioning document that paints a picture of the ideal Provo City of the future. The updated vision document will then provide consistent long-term direction to decision-makers.

If you are unable to attend one of the events, the August 23 open house will be broadcast live on Channel 17's YouTube channel and will be available for on-demand viewing afterward. Contact Bill Peperone at 801-852-6402 or if you have questions.

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Summary of the July 5 Meetings

In the Work Session

Duncan Aviation
Duncan Aviation, an aircraft maintenance company, first opened its doors in Provo in 2010. It's planned expansion was put on hold by the economic downturn, but the company is now ready to move forward. The proposed new expansion will add up to 700 jobs and bring an estimated $50 million in capital investment to the state over the next 15 years at a site near the Provo Airport. Utilities and infrastructure are needed to facilitate this expansion and Council is considering options for funding those improvements. Provo City administration will bring funding options and recommendations to the July 19 work meeting.

Tuesday, July 5, 2016