Wednesday, April 20, 2016

City Council Appoints New Executive Director

The Provo Municipal Council today appointed Clifford Strachan as its new Executive Director. Mr. Strachan has been serving in the Utah Governor’s Office of Management and Budget since 2009 where he staffs the Free Market Protection and Privatization Board and the Legislative Compensation Commission.

Strachan has over a decade’s worth of experience in local government, having served communities of various sizes in Utah and British Columbia, including several years as a chief administrative officer. A graduate of Brigham Young University and Carleton University’s School of Public Administration, he is currently enrolled in the University of Utah’s Executive MBA Program.

Strachan’s employment begins April 25, 2016. “I am excited to return to Provo where my education began and to serve the Council and community as it grows and prospers,” said Strachan.

Council Chair Kim Santiago added, “I look forward to working with Mr. Strachan and appreciate the experience he will bring to the Council.”

Executive Director
The Executive Director is appointed by Council to serve as its liaison to the Mayor and city administration, the public and the media, and to coordinate Council legislative, budget, and oversight responsibilities. The Executive Director is a full time position and works under the direction of the Chair. A list of specific duties is found in the Provo City Council Rules and Handbook.

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