Friday, December 23, 2016

Lakeview Parkway Project Information

At the December 6, 2016 Council Meeting, an item was heard titled:

“A resolution authorizing eminent domain proceedings on the properties generally located on 3110 West from 435 South to Center Street and west along Center Street to 3230 Center Street in order to acquire right of way for Phase 1 of the Lakeview Parkway.”
This item received a great deal of public interest due to the nature of the issue. The Municipal Council had some discussion concerning: (1) archaeological site claims, (2) additional questions regarding wetlands and a pending 404 permit, (3) traffic study data, (4) road route options and how the route was selected, (5) pros and cons of each route, and (6) questions regarding road width and elevation.

David Graves, Provo City Engineer, sent an email detailing answers to each of these questions and provided a number of documents to assist the Council in their effort to seek out more information regarding the proposed Lakeview Parkway route. The body of that email follows:

Thursday, December 8, 2016

Summary of the December 6 Meetings

In the Work Session

Vision 2030/2050 Updates
Council completed their discussion and review of the recommended updates to Vision 2030, now Vision 2050. Community Development will compile the new draft of the document and Council has asked that it be placed on Open City Hall for public review and comment. Announcements will be made when it is posted to Open City Hall.

Arts Council
As part of the recreation, arts, and parks (RAP) tax discussion there was an interest in dedicating 15% of those funds to promoting the arts in Provo. Council heard a presentation about creating an arts council that could guide the City in the distribution of those funds. Provo previously had an arts council, but that dissolved a few years ago. The Mayor recommended Elliott Wilcox, Andrew Maxfield, and Liz Maxfield to be on that council. They have two objectives in mind - to use RAP tax funding for a national arts series and to create a local arts grant program. City administration will continue to develop the idea and return to Council at a later date.

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Provo City Council Work Meeting, December 6, 2016

Agenda  (Times have been added to the ends of the individual agenda items to help you find them in the video.)

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Summary of the November 15 Meetings

In the Work Session

Joint Meeting with the Transportation and Mobility Committee
Council met with the Transportation and Mobility Committee (TMAC) to discuss recommendations for complete streets standards, west side planning, and an overview of TMAC's work list.

Diesel Emissions Testing
Ashley Soltysiak from HEAL Utah presented information on diesel emissions testing for passenger vehicles. Utah County is the only populous county in the state that does not have mandatory diesel emissions testing. The Council would like to discuss this with the Utah County Commission.

Monday, November 14, 2016

Council Launches New Forum for Provo Citizens

A common complaint heard by municipal councils is that people feel their voices aren’t heard. They don’t know a decision is being made until the last minute or they don’t know of an effective way to communicate with the council.

Councils may spend months or years considering an issue and not hear from constituents until the day or week of the final vote. And the quality of input from residents can depend on how knowledgeable they are about the subject.

The Provo Municipal Council set a priority at the beginning of the year to improve public engagement with more stakeholder groups, make the council more accessible to Provo citizens, and encourage and enable interested stakeholders to learn about, follow, and engage in issues that the council is addressing. Although present on social media, Sewell explains, “These are difficult for council members to engage in for a variety of reasons. One is the sheer volume of threads, many of which relate to administrative topics or local news rather than legislative topics.” He also points out that social media comments can get personal rather than focusing on the issues.

Summary of the November 1 Meetings

In the Work Session

Community Land Trusts
Sharlene Wilde of NeighborWorks Provo presented information on community land trusts and requested that the Council consider working with NeighborWorks to establish a community land trust in Provo. This was part of the Housing Committee's recommendations for infusing neighborhoods with long-term, affordable housing.

Solar and Energy Committee
As part of the October 18 decision by Council to rescind the solar generation capacity charge, a committee is being formed to research options for Provo City to support renewable energy while still addressing infrastructure needs and costs. Due to time constraints the discussion continued on to the regular meeting. Proposed committee members were approved as well as a mission statement for the committee to work from. The Solar and Energy Committee will return in January 2017 with recommendations for the Council to consider.

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Provo City Council Work Meeting, November 1, 2016

Agenda  (After the meeting times will be added to the ends of the individual agenda items to help you find them in the video.)

Monday, October 24, 2016

Summary of the October 18 Meetings

In the Work Session

Public Engagement
As part of its priority to encourage public engagement, Council approved contracting with Peak Democracy to establish an online forum for Provo residents to weigh in on current issues. "Open City Hall" will regularly have topics on which citizens can give input directly to the Council.

The goal is to have Open City Hall open for registration in early November. West side planning will be the first topic open for feedback. Watch for more details soon.

Development Approval Process
Council's Development Approval Process Review Committee has been looking at the application process for development in Provo City and presented some recommendations for improving that process. Some of the recommendations would simplify or clarify, while others would speed up the process. The committee would like to have a more in-depth meeting with Council to discuss these options and determine next steps.

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Monday, October 10, 2016

Summary of the October 4 Meetings

In the Work Session

Public Engagement
Council set as one of its priorities to encourage public engagement with the Council. They expressed a desire to improve engagement with a wider variety of stakeholder groups and to use technological tools to make the Council more accessible to Provo citizens. Council staff have been researching potential options and reported on their recommendation for an online public engagement tool that would allow citizens to give input earlier in the process and provide Council with input in an environment free from some of the drawbacks of social media. A formal hearing for the budget appropriation for this tool will be held at the October 18 Council meeting.

Body-Worn Cameras for Police
The Provo Police Department presented information on their selection of a vendor for body-worn cameras. Selection was based on a variety of factors, including durability, camera mount, staff time required, battery life, and storage capability. The Tazer Axon camera was chosen and includes unlimited cloud storage of the footage. Provo police officers want the cameras and look forward to not only the assistance they will provide with investigations, but also to the training value of the footage. A formal hearing for the budget appropriation will be held at the October 18 Council meeting.

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Provo City Council Work Meeting, October 4, 2016

Agenda  (After the meeting times will be added to the ends of the individual agenda items to help you find them in the video.)

Monday, September 26, 2016

Summary of the September 20 Meetings

In the Work Session

Trampoline Gyms
Due to a series of injuries at local trampoline gyms, a stakeholder group has been meeting to discuss potential new regulations to recommend to the Council. The group presented information on trampoline injuries and suggestions for regulations that could be added to business licensing requirements for trampoline gyms. Council heard the initial presentation and will discuss it further at the October 5 work meeting and Council meeting. The regulations proposed include specific safety standards, employee requirements, emergency response plans, and insurance coverage amounts.

Solar Energy
Provo City's Director of Energy presented information at the September 6 Council work meeting to facilitate a discussion on policies regarding private solar power generation. The current practice of net metering makes it possible for solar customers to use the excess solar power generated to offset the amount paid for energy used from Provo Power when solar power is not available. The concern is that net metering can result in fixed costs of the power system not being covered by those who are generating solar energy. Representatives of Vivint Solar and Utah Clean Energy spoke at the September 20 Council work meeting to give other perspectives on residential generation of solar power and the impact of alternatives to net metering. Council will continue the discussion on this issue at the October 4 work meeting and regular Council meeting.

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Provo City Council Work Meeting, September 20, 2016

Agenda  (After the meeting times will be added to the ends of the individual agenda items to help you find them in the video.)

Monday, September 12, 2016

Summary of the September 6 Meetings

In the Work Session

West Side Planning Committee
Council members have heard the concerns of residents on the west side of the city regarding the need for an area plan to address future development, agricultural space, roads, etc. Because west side planning is one of the Council's priorities, a proposal was made to create a West Side Planning Committee. Council members Dave Harding, Dave Knecht, Kay Van Buren, and Gary Winterton volunteered to serve on the committee and Dave Harding was appointed as committee chair. The committee will soon be reaching out to others in the community for their input.

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Provo City Council Work Meeting, September 6, 2016

Agenda  (After the meeting times will be added to the ends of the individual agenda items to help you find them in the video.)

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Summary of the August 16 Meetings

In the Work Session

Joint Meeting with Planning Commission
Council met with the members of the Planning Commission to briefly discuss some items of mutual interest. They discussed the direction that Council is looking to take development in Provo, the appointment procedures relating to the Planning Commission, and land use issues coming before the Planning Commission that could be resolved through legislation.

User Fees Review
Acting on a recommendation from the Budget Committee, Council made a request in 2015 to have the Administration bring a group of 25 fees each quarter from the consolidated fee schedule to allow Council members to review them. The goal was to be able to look at all 300 or so user fees over time to evaluate how they compare to actual costs. Mayor Curtis had asked to discuss this process since it was originally requested by the previous Council. Questions were raised on whether the current Council wanted to continue with this process and whether the results from the review were worth the staff time and effort to provide detailed cost information. Council staff has been asked to consult with Administration and prepare recommendations to present at the October 4 work meeting.

Thursday, August 18, 2016

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Summary of the August 2 Meetings

In the Work Session

Sewer Base Rate
Over the last few months the Public Works Department has presented to Council several times regarding a recommended change to the sewer base rate. At the June 16 budget retreat, the Public Works Master Plan consultant presented on the concept of structuring base rates to cover operating expenses and the impact of per unit and per meter size billing philosophies. Options for a phased implementation of sewer base rates per unit for residential and per meter size for commercial customers were presented. Council gave input and a proposal will come to the August 16 Council meeting for formal consideration.

The Utah Department of Environmental Quality recently classified Utah Lake as an impaired waterway. With this designation the State has proposed implementing new standards on treatment plan discharges over the next four to nine years. This would require millions of dollars of improvements to Provo's wastewater infrastructure, impacting Provo City wastewater rates. Scientific studies have been conducted and there is concern that these improvements will have no real impact on the nutrient (phosphorous and nitrogen) levels of Utah Lake.

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Thursday, July 21, 2016

Summary of the July 19 Meetings

In the Work Session

Duncan Aviation
Provo City will be doing some improvements at the Provo Municipal Airport to facilitate the expansion of Duncan Aviation. Council reviewed and discussed options for funding the improvements and moved to allocate $2.5 Million through a CDBG Section 108 loan, $189,524 from the Energy Department CIP, and $124,183 from the General Fund.

Monday, July 11, 2016

Urban Deer Control Program

Provo City's Urban Deer Control Program is intended to maintain a balance between the number of deer within the city and the negative impact they create. It is estimated that 500 urban deer reside in our city. These are deer that stay in the city rather than return to the mountains. New deer that are born in the city are staying here, increasing the population.

Updating Provo's Vision for the Future - Updated 7/28/16

Vision 2030 is Provo City’s visioning document and is due for an update. Community Development previously reached out to Neighborhood Chairs for input. Council has also requested holding open houses around the city to get input from our residents. We will be discussing a high level look at the future of Provo, focusing on what we want Provo to become.

Read the latest version of the document here:
The open house events will focus the discussion on:
  • Section 1 - Family and Neighborhoods
  • Section 2 - Land Use and Growth
  • Section 9 - Transportation and Mobility
  • Section 3 - Recreation and Parks
Please read these sections in advance of the event so we can jump right into the discussion. Rather than focus on the steps to get there, this is a visioning document that paints a picture of the ideal Provo City of the future. The updated vision document will then provide consistent long-term direction to decision-makers.

If you are unable to attend one of the events, the August 23 open house will be broadcast live on Channel 17's YouTube channel and will be available for on-demand viewing afterward. Contact Bill Peperone at 801-852-6402 or if you have questions.

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Summary of the July 5 Meetings

In the Work Session

Duncan Aviation
Duncan Aviation, an aircraft maintenance company, first opened its doors in Provo in 2010. It's planned expansion was put on hold by the economic downturn, but the company is now ready to move forward. The proposed new expansion will add up to 700 jobs and bring an estimated $50 million in capital investment to the state over the next 15 years at a site near the Provo Airport. Utilities and infrastructure are needed to facilitate this expansion and Council is considering options for funding those improvements. Provo City administration will bring funding options and recommendations to the July 19 work meeting.

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Monday, June 27, 2016

Summary of the June 21 Meetings

In the Work Session

Your Utah, Your Future
Envision Utah presented the results of their Your Utah, Your Future Vision for 2050. After two years of work and input from over 400 stakeholders and experts as well as more than 52,000 Utahns, this provides a picture of what Utah can be like in 2050 with a road map of how to get there. Utah's population is projected to nearly double in population in the next 35 years. This growth will affect quality of life, environment, economy, and communities. Click the link above for the project website. You can also download the results as a PDF.

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Monday, June 13, 2016

Summary of the June 7 Meetings

In the Work Session

Sanitation Updates
An update on sanitation services was presented. Since Provo City began curbside recycling pickup in November 2015, 1,458 tons have been taken to the transfer station. Currently 10,571 recycling cans are being billed. Provo City began handling green waste in 2016 and 7,500 tons of green waste (6,000 from curbside and 1,500 from drop-offs) have been collected so far. The supply of compost is sold out for this year.

Utility Rate Increases
As part of the review of the proposed city budget Council asked for a comparison of raising utility rates over seven years in comparison to over five years. Rate increases are expected to address infrastructure needs. The challenge has been to fix existing deficiencies and plan for future projects without the use of bonding. Although the funding needs can be accomplished in a seven-year plan, the fund balance would drop significantly for four of the seven years. That would be a problem if emergencies arose.

Provo Bicycle Collective Moves to Joaquin Neighborhood

After seeing the large turnout supporting the Provo Bicycle Collective at the June 7 Council meeting we reached out to learn more about the Collective's plan to move from the Dixon Neighborhood to the Joaquin Neighborhood. Director Austin Taylor shared his thoughts and some photos from the big move.

"Provo Bicycle Collective has been operating for five years out of a glorified storage unit. With the recent implementation of a hired director and more trained staff, our services have expanded beyond what our old building could handle and demand was growing so much that there was not enough room for all those who wanted to volunteer or work on their bikes.

Thursday, June 9, 2016

Special Meeting Scheduled to Review Budget

Council will be holding a special work meeting on June 16 to do more in-depth work on reviewing the proposed FY2017 Provo City Budget. The meeting will begin at 10:00 am and will be held in the City Conference Room on the third floor of the City Center Building. Space is limited, but the public is welcome to attend. The meeting will be broadcast live on this blog and the video will be available afterward for on-demand viewing.

You are invited to share your feedback with the Council or to submit questions you might have. If you want to contact Council members directly, their information is on our website. Questions and comments can also be submitted using the form below. Those will be compiled and shared with Council on Wednesday.

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Comment below (requires Google+ account), on our Facebook page, through our online comment form, or by contacting Council Members directly. Comments/input on items appearing on an upcoming meeting agenda will be compiled and provided to Council Members the day before the meeting. **Note - your comments will be part of the public record.

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Summary of the May 17 Meetings

In the Work Session

Joint Meeting with Parks and Recreation Board
Council met with members of the Parks and Recreation Board prior to the regular work session. Topics of discussion included the East Bay Golf Course, the desire for a regional sports park, and the recreation, arts, and parks (RAP) tax.

Provo City Vision - Neighborhood meetings
Discussion continues on Provo City's vision document (Vision 2030) and how it will be updated. The Community Development Department will work with the Neighborhood Program to hold meetings this summer in five different areas of the city, inviting Provo residents to give input, ask questions, and discuss the document.

Timp Neighborhood Conquers a Rainy Day

Saturday’s rain didn’t keep over 130 people from participating in the Timp Neighborhood Beautification Day. Shannon Bingham, Timp Neighborhood Chair, organized the event as a matching grant project through Provo City’s Neighborhood Program.

Volunteers from the neighborhood and members of the YSA 16th Stake of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints braved the downpour to clean yards, remove dead trees, remove debris, and plant trees. With the assistance of Dalton McArthur they also installed three irrigation systems. Everyone was wet, but barely noticed as they worked diligently to accomplish their tasks. Children helped in any way they could, including bringing water to those who were working. 

The project began with a “walk-the-block” meeting where neighborhood residents, City Council members, and some City staff walked the area together to see what could be done to help the neighborhood. Once the needs were identified, Bingham worked with Louise Jorgensen, Council Executive Office Assistant, to apply for the matching grant. Jorgensen coordinates the matching grants, service projects, and walk-the-blocks as part of the Neighborhood Program. Matching grant funds are provided by Council to match donations and volunteer hours as part of approved neighborhood projects.

Monday, May 9, 2016

Annual Budget Timeline

The timeline for approving Provo City's budget is set by Utah State Code.
  • The Mayor presents the proposed budget to the City Council at their first meeting in May. (This year it was the May 3 meeting).
  • Council votes to tentatively adopt the proposed budget. This vote will occur at the May 17 meeting.
  • All municipal final budgets must be adopted before June 22, or, in the case of a property tax increase, before August 17. The Council's vote on adopting the budget will happen at the June 21 Council Meeting this year.
  • The tentative (proposed) budget is available to the public at least 10 days before the adoption of the final budget. You can view the proposed budget in person at the office of the City Recorder. It is also available online. Budgets from recent years are also available on the Finance Department's website.
  • A public hearing must be held before adopting the budget. The date for the hearing will be set when the budget is tentatively adopted on May 17. According to Utah State Code, "All interested persons in attendance shall be given an opportunity to be heard, for or against, the estimates of revenue and expenditures or any item thereof in the tentative budget of any fund." UPDATE - public hearings will be held at the June 7 and June 21 regular Council meetings.
  • There is a property tax increase included in the proposed budget this year. If the Council decides to move forward with the increase, a Truth in Taxation hearing will be required. The date for the hearing is set by Utah County and will most likely be held in August.
In between the Mayor presenting the budget and the Council adopting the final budget there are usually some extra Work Meetings where Council Members examine the budget in greater detail, ask questions of department directors, and hear presentations and analysis from Council staff. Watch the Council's Facebook page for updates.

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Comment below (requires Google+ account), on our Facebook page, through our online comment form, or by contacting Council Members directly. Comments/input on items appearing on an upcoming meeting agenda will be compiled and provided to Council Members the day before the meeting. **Note - your comments will be part of the public record.

Thursday, May 5, 2016

Summary of the May 3 Meetings

In the Work Session

Vision 2030 Updates
Vision 2030 is a vision statement created in 2010 to define a 20-year vision for the Provo community. Rather than focusing on tiny details, it takes a higher, broader look at where Provo is heading. Now that some time has passed, updates are needed and Provo City is looking toward the year 2050 to set goals. Council discussed the process of updating what will become Vision 2050 and aligning the General Plan with it. Council's plan is to have the Vision 2050 document created along with a timeline for public vetting of it. Neighborhoods will be asked to meet and discuss the document and send their feedback to the Council.

Because Vision 2050 will guide Provo City decisions for years to come, now is the time for Provo residents to take a look and let the Council know what needs to be added or updated. We believe Provo is an inspiring place to live, learn, work and play.

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Provo City Council Work Meeting, May 3, 2016

Agenda  (Times have been added to the ends of the individual agenda items to help you find them in the video.)

Monday, April 25, 2016

Remembering Bart Simons

Provo City lost a treasured member of its family over the weekend. Bart Simons, Water Resources Division Director, was often referred to as Provo's water expert. He was well-known to the City Council from the presentations he would make in various meetings. Simons recently was part of a tour of the Water Reclamation Facility with Council Members during the April 12 Work Meeting.

Last year, several Council Members and neighborhood leaders had a chance to climb inside Provo's oldest underground water tank to get a better understanding of the city's water system. Simons had a great way of explaining the needs and realities of managing water resources in Provo.

"Bart was kind, dedicated and hard-working," commented Kim Santiago, Council Chair. "I appreciate the time he took to help us know all we could about our city's water. His passing is a huge loss. It is hard to believe it was just a few days ago we were praising him for his great protection and care of our water resources in our Council Meeting where we honored Merril Bingham's family."

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Summary of the April 19 Meetings

In the Work Session

Miss Provo Pageant
The City of Provo used to completely fund the Miss Provo scholarship pageant, which is part of the Miss Utah and Miss America program. In 2010 the City cut the funding significantly and only fund the parade float. This funding has been part of the Mayor's budget. Pageant organizers requested that the City Council fund the entire cost of the program, roughly $21,000. Council Members voted 4-3 to approve moving the funding to be in the Council's budget and oversee the program.

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

City Council Appoints New Executive Director

The Provo Municipal Council today appointed Clifford Strachan as its new Executive Director. Mr. Strachan has been serving in the Utah Governor’s Office of Management and Budget since 2009 where he staffs the Free Market Protection and Privatization Board and the Legislative Compensation Commission.

Strachan has over a decade’s worth of experience in local government, having served communities of various sizes in Utah and British Columbia, including several years as a chief administrative officer. A graduate of Brigham Young University and Carleton University’s School of Public Administration, he is currently enrolled in the University of Utah’s Executive MBA Program.

Strachan’s employment begins April 25, 2016. “I am excited to return to Provo where my education began and to serve the Council and community as it grows and prospers,” said Strachan.

Council Chair Kim Santiago added, “I look forward to working with Mr. Strachan and appreciate the experience he will bring to the Council.”

Executive Director
The Executive Director is appointed by Council to serve as its liaison to the Mayor and city administration, the public and the media, and to coordinate Council legislative, budget, and oversight responsibilities. The Executive Director is a full time position and works under the direction of the Chair. A list of specific duties is found in the Provo City Council Rules and Handbook.

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Comment below (requires Google+ account), on our Facebook page, through our online comment form, or by contacting Council Members directly. Comments/input on items appearing on an upcoming meeting agenda will be compiled and provided to Council Members the day before the meeting. **Note - your comments will be part of the public record.

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Monday, April 18, 2016

Summary of the April 12 Meetings

In the Work Session

Water Reclamation Facility 
Council Members started the Work Meeting with a tour of Provo's Water Reclamation (aka wastewater treatment) Facility.  They were shown older and newer equipment while manager Mark Ogren explained what would need to be done to meet the expected changes to state regulations. Nitrogen and phosphorous would have to be removed from the treated water. More discussion on this was held later in the Work Meeting.

Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) Update
Utah Transit Authority (UTA) and Provo City administrators updated the Council on the latest designs for the BRT route as well as the lease agreement that will be presented for consideration at the April 19 Council Meeting. View the presentation and Council discussion in the meeting video.

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Summary of the March 15 Meetings

In the Work Session

Pocket Neighborhoods
Community Development presented a project inspired by the Zoning Summit held in December. The project involves creating a "pocket neighborhood" in southwest Provo and would involve transferring property from Provo City to the Redevelopment Agency. Once created, the pocket neighborhood would be promoted to developers as an example of land use projects that would be welcome in Provo. Ross Chapin, who spoke at the summit and is an authority on pocket neighborhoods, has been advising the City on this project. The hope is to have it ready for the June 2017 Parade of Homes event. Council Members gave City administrators a thumbs up on moving forward.

Provo City Council Meeting - March 15, 2016

Agenda  (Times have been added to the ends of the individual agenda items to help you find them in the video.)

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Provo City Council Work Meeting, March 15, 2016

Agenda  (Times have been added to the ends of the individual agenda items to help you find them in the video.)