Thursday, November 19, 2015

Summary of the November 17 Council Meetings

In the Work Session

Neighborhood Program update:
Council Member Dave Sewell presented Neighborhood Program ordinance revisions from the Neighborhood Evaluation Committee. Changes were made for clarity on Neighborhood Chair duties and to encourage the election of Vice Chairs in each neighborhood. Vice Chairs can help take on some of the work and/or can help represent other viewpoints within the neighborhood. Creating a business liaison position was also added to support the program's purpose of involving all stakeholders in the neighborhood. The ordinance revisions will be presented formally at the December 1 Council Meeting.

Council Priorities:
The Council's Executive Director presented a timeline for working on the "balanced mix of housing"priority. Council Members will address the questions the Director put forward and continue work to develop strategies.

The Council also:
  • Discussed the Council priorities for the Fiscal Year ending June 30, 2016
  • Discussed a process for the update of Vision 2030. This will be formally heard at the December 1 Council Meeting.
  • Heard updates from the Council Rules Committee on a proposed process for advice and consent to appointments of individuals to boards and commissions. The Rules Committee will continue refining the details of the process before bringing it back to a future meeting.
  • Heard an update from Community Development on legislation passed in March 2015 amending City Code Section 14.29.100 on building height in a PIC zone
  • Heard a presentation about a request for a zone change and a General Plan amendment for the expansion of a restaurant property in the Rivergrove Neighborhood. These will be formally heard at the December 1 Council Meeting.
  • Heard a presentation on a request for preliminary project plan approval for a 75-unit townhome development in the Spring Creek Neighborhood. This will be formally heard at the December 1 Council Meeting.
  • Heard a rezone request from R1.6 to MDR to facilitate the development of a 7-unit townhome project in the Dixon Neighborhood. This will be formally heard at the December 1 Council Meeting.
  • Heard a zone map amendment request from RA to R1.6 to facilitate the creation of a two-lot subdivision in the Provost South Neighborhood. This will be formally heard at the December 1 Council Meeting.
  • Heard the quarterly report from the Finance Division. The annual report will be presented at the December 1 meeting.
  • Discussed the UMPA Joint Action Agency Agreement. This will be formally heard at the December 1 Council Meeting.
  • Discussed a proposed resolution brought forward by the Sustainability and Natural Resources Committee encouraging the state legislature in efforts related to improving air quality

In the Formal Meeting

Certifying the election results:

Provo's Mayor and City Council form the Board of Canvassers, whose responsibility it is to certify the Provo City election results.The information from Utah County was presented at the Council Meeting and certified 8-0.

Voter turnout was 18.3%. Here are the results:
  • City-Wide II Council - George Stewart won with 54.49% of the votes
  • City Council District 1 - Gary Winterton won with 88.63% of the vote
  • City Council District 3 - Dave Knecht won with 71.10% of the vote
  • City Council District 4 - Kay Van Buren won with 72.99% of the vote
  • City Council District 5 (2-year term) - David Harding won with 92.91% of the vote
  • Proposition 4 (RAP tax) - Passed with 55.83% of votes in favor
  • Proposition 1 (County transportation sales tax) - Provo votes 56.81% against. Utah County had 59.18% of votes against.

The Council also:
  • Supported the Mayor in congratulating the inaugural class of Provology 101
  • Continued to a future meeting date an ordinance repealing Provo City Code Chapters 6.21 and 6.24 and enacting a new Chapter 6.21 regarding franchise regulation
  • Held a public hearing and passed resolutions for appropriations regarding downtown improvements and costs of safety measures and other needs to appropriately manage the influx of visitors coming for the Provo City Center Temple open house
  • Heard an update from the Wasatch Neighborhood regarding their parking issues. The Neighborhood Chair withdrew their request to create a parking permit plan.
  • Adopted the 2016 Council Regular Meeting Schedule
  • Approved (6-1) an ordinance enacting the recreation, arts, and parks (RAP) tax
This is a general summary of the Council's meetings. For a more detailed agenda and minutes, please visit our public documents site:
Video recordings:  Work Meeting part 1, Work Meeting part 2 and Council Meeting 
Audio recording: Work Meeting
(Due to a loss of the Internet connection during the Work Meeting, the broadcast ended early during the first part of the meeting.)

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