Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Provo City Council Work Session - November 17, 2015

Part 1 - technical difficulties with the Internet connection led to the broadcast being cut short

Part 2
12:00 PM, Tuesday, November 17, 2015

    1. A discussion on a proposed process for developing housing policies per the Municipal Council priority list.
    2. A discussion on a process for the update of Provo City Vision 2030.
    3. A discussion on proposed amendments to Chapter 2.29 - Neighborhood Program - Provo City Code.
    4. Consideration of a proposed Municipal Council rule regarding the process for providing advice to the Mayor and subsequent Municipal Council consent for the appointment of individuals to statutory boards and commissions.
    5. An update from Community Development regarding the impact of legislation that was passed in March 2015 - An ordinance amending Provo City Code Section 14.29.100 (Building Height) to reduce allowed building height in a Planned Industrial Commercial (PIC) zone when that zone abuts a residential zone. City-wide Impact. (14-0012OA) 
    6. Gardner & Associates request a General Plan Amendment from Residential to Commercial for property located at 1360 North 800 West in the General Commercial (CG) Zone. Rivergrove Neighborhood. 15-0005GPA 
    7. Gardner & Associates request a zone change from R1.6 to General Commercial for a single lot located at 1360 North 800 West. Rivergrove Neighborhood. 15-0012R  
    8. The Community Development Department requests an Ordinance Text Amendment to Provo City Code 14.23.030 to include subdivisions in the definition of new development for the purpose of adding clarity to the intent of the ordinance. City Wide. 15-0015OA 
    9.  Premier Reality Investments requests Preliminary Project Plan approval for a 75-unit, townhome development on 4.38 acres, located at approximately 1040 South 1000 East in a proposed Medium Density Residential (MDR) Zone. Spring Creek Neighborhood. 13-0005PPA. 
    10.  John Dester is requesting the rezoning of two properties totaling approximately 0.45 acres, from R1.6 (Residential - 6,000 sq. ft. lot minimum) to MDR (Medium Density Residential), located at approximately 550 West 300 North. The rezoning would facilitate the development of a 7-unit townhome project. Dixon Neighborhood. 15-0009R 
    11.  Andrew Coats requests a zone map amendment for approximately 0.93 acres from the RA to the R1.10 Zone, to facilitate the creation of a two-lot subdivision on property located at approximately 1650 East 1400 South. Provost South Neighborhood. 15-0011R 
    12.  A report and discussion regarding the UMPA Joint Action Agency Agreement.
    13.  A discussion regarding a proposed resolution brought forward by the Sustainability and Natural Resources Committee encouraging the state legislature in efforts related to improving air quality. 
    14.  A quarterly report from the Finance Division regarding the 4th Quarter of fiscal year 2014-2015.
    15. Administrative Updates 
    16. Closed Meeting

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