Thursday, October 15, 2015

How to Get an Exemption for the Noise Ordinance

**2019 UPDATE - There has been a change to the internal process for obtaining a noise exemption. Please work through 311/Customer Service if you have a request. Call 801-852-6000 (or 311 within Provo city limits) to get started.

The city has a well established noise policy found in chapter 9.06 of our code book. The amount of noise that is acceptable is determined by the decibels produced. A chart on the Mayor's blog ( outlines the acceptable level of decibels (day is from 7:00 am to 10:00 pm). The ordinance does allow for exceptions for sounds created by parades, carnivals, special public social events, or special construction projects.

An exemption is granted by a permit from the Mayor. If you are interested in an exemption you must complete two tasks. First, obtain written permission from the Neighborhood Chair over the area where the event will be held. Fill out this form and the City Council office will contact the Neighborhood Chair for you. After hearing back from the Neighborhood Chair, your request will be forwarded to the Mayor's office. Please submit your request at least two weeks before your event to allow us enough time to get the required permissions.

Each exemption is issued under the condition that it can be revoked. It is expected that during the event the applicant will work with police if complaints are filed to accommodate the reasonable needs of neighbors.

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Unknown said...

For the past 6 years off and on, i have been waking up at 8am in provo utah to a loud horn. I didnt know what it was until today. Aparently the utah state hospital emmits this sound every morning. Why is it still allowed? It exceeds a appropriate decible level of sound. People all over the city are being forced to wake up. The provo pd dont enforce noise restrictions. I couldnt sleep last night (July 24) because of fireworks being shot off between 10pm and 7am than that stupid horn wakes me up @ 8am. Im getting sick of this shit!

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