Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Provo Bike to School Week 2015

As part of Vision 2030, Provo City established some goals regarding transportation. One is to promote the use of transit and alternate modes of transportation. Another involves complete street design parameters in conjunction with building new developments. Expanding bike lanes and paths increases the use of clean transportation. In the goals for family and neighborhoods, one of the objectives is to create and maintain bike trail and sidewalk systems that connect all parts of Provo. 

By keeping our eyes on this vision for Provo's future, we hope to increase health, safety, and connectivity among our residents. One of the great events that falls in line with this vision is Bike to School Week. Happening next week, students are encouraged to take the Bike-to-School Challenge and ride their bikes to school. Some great prizes are available and the school with the most bicycles for the week will win the Rad Riders Award.

Check with your school to see how they are participating. You can contact your school's PTA president or Aaron Skabelund of the Provo Bicycle Committee at for more information. Visit to find out more about Bike to School Week.

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