Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Provo City Council Work Session - July 7, 2015

Agenda  (After the meeting, times will be added to the ends of the individual agenda items to help you find them in the video.)
12:00 PM, Tuesday, July 7, 2015
  1. A discussion regarding a proposed RAP Tax survey  (2:19:05)
  2. A discussion about the proposed People's Lobby legislation regarding efforts to protect agriculture in Provo City (0:26:40)
  3. A discussion on a Council Budget Committee recommendation for Council Budget Intent Statements and Guiding Principles related to User Fees (1:20:48)
  4. A presentation and discussion regarding the overall impact resulting from proposed tax and utility rate increases in Provo City (3:20:18)
  5. A discussion regarding a potential Urban Deer Control Program in Provo City (0:13:15) (2:56:45)
  6. A report on traffic management around local schools (3:30:35)
  7. A report from the Parking Committee regarding the proposed Wasatch Neighborhood Parking Program (3:52:20)
  8. A discussion on a request for an amendment to Provo City Code Section 14.37.100, to reduce existing code conflicts and update parking design standards. City Wide Impact. (15-0011OA) (4:21:23)
  9. A discussion on a request for a text amendment to Section 14.18.020 (Permitted Uses, Standard Land Use Code 6241) in the Neighborhood Shopping Center Zone, to reduce the acreage requirement for funeral homes from 1.75 acres to 1.50 acres to allow for a lot split at 4780 North University Avenue. Riverbottoms Neighborhood & City Wide Impact. (15-0008OA) (4:26:37)
  10.  A discussion on a request for approval to vacate three sections of public street right of way. The sections to be vacated are as follows: 300 West (800 N. to 650 N.), 700 North (300 W. to west boundary of 322 W. 700 N.), and 650 North (from Freedom Blvd to 300 W.), all associated with the proposed Energy Department Campus re-build, located at 251 W. 800 N., Provo, UT, in the Public Facilities (PF) Zone. North Park Neighborhood. (15-0001SV) (4:38:04)
  11. Administrative Updates

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