Monday, June 8, 2015

Your Voice is Important

In every community you will notice that people participate in government at a variety of different levels. It ranges from those who live their lives without ever voting or giving input on an issue to those who run for office, and everywhere in between. A recent Daily Herald opinion piece by Jamie Littlefield discussed becoming a "city creator" rather than a "city consumer." She emphasized the value of being informed and getting involved to influence the direction of our city.

People living in Provo have a lot of options for not only getting information, but sharing their ideas, suggestions, and feedback. The Provo City website,, has an amazing amount of information and you can always call 311 to have one of our customer service reps help you. The City Council has this blog, newsletters, and social media channels to allow people to receive information and communicate in the way most comfortable for them. Watch  live and recorded Council meetings from the comfort of your own living room, share your thoughts with the Council on Facebook, or even Tweet your question to the Council.

Provo has one more component that makes it unique - the Neighborhood Program. Neighborhoods elect a Chair who communicates neighborhood needs and concerns to City officials. The City also sends information to the Chair to share with the neighborhood residents, including news of development or land use in their area. Council Members appreciate having input from the neighborhoods before making decisions that affect them. Staying in touch with your Neighborhood Chair is a great way to make your voice heard in City issues.

We'd like to see more people getting involved before final decisions are made. You can influence the future of Provo City by tuning in and speaking up.

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Comment below (requires Google+ account), on our Facebook page, through our online comment form, or by contacting Council Members directly. Comments/input on items appearing on an upcoming meeting agenda will be compiled and provided to Council Members the day before the meeting. **Note - your comments will be part of the public record.

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