Thursday, April 23, 2015

Curbside Recycling
Provo City's current recycling contract will be ending soon and the City has been evaluating several options. Public Works Director David Decker showed Council Members the estimated costs of continuing with Republic Services or switching to handling recycling pickup in-house, as well as options for changing to a weekly pickup schedule.

Decker recommended that Provo take over recycling pickups and potentially switch to a weekly schedule. Estimates show a cost savings and an improvement in customer service since the City would be directly responsible for services. Citizens have already expressed their support for weekly pickups since they are often confused by the biweekly schedule. The funding request will be presented at the May 5 Council Meeting.

How do you feel about having Provo City picking up the recycling cans? Should the recycling cans be mandatory or optional? Would you like to have weekly pickups or is biweekly enough? Share your thoughts with us.

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