Thursday, February 19, 2015

Do You Want a Choice in Where your Engergy Comes From?

As mentioned in Mayor Curtis' State of the City address, Provo residents may soon be able to choose renewable energy sources for the power they are using.

RenewChoice has a website that explains the choices and lets you calculate the costs. This is a voluntary program and it pays for itself. Residents opting in will have a small fee added to their monthly utility bill. Each block (100 kWh) of energy is $2 a month and you can select to purchase one or more blocks. The system would synchronize with your Provo City Power bill so that it is automatically included each month and you can opt out or change the number of energy blocks purchased at any time.

This does not mean that Provo is going out and building windmills and solar farms. The electricity will be purchased from third party sources. The monthly fee of $2 per block of energy covers the additional costs of buying from those sources as well as program administration costs.

RenewChoice was established by the Utah Municipal Power Agency (UMPA) and the City Council will formally vote on adopting RenewChoice at the March 3rd Council Meeting.

 Council Members would like to hear from you. Share your feedback in the comments section here or on the Council's Facebook page.

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