Friday, February 13, 2015

2015 Provo City Council Leadership - Kim Santiago

From 2015 Council Vice-Chair, Kim Santiago:

My professional background is in nursing. My favorite part about the job was working with people. I found satisfaction in providing care for those who were going through very difficult health challenges. In my nursing workday I focused on patient-centered care through assessment, diagnosis, planning, implementation, and evaluation (The Nursing Process).  Though my current job as a city council woman provides different challenges than nursing did, my approach is much the same.

My favorite part about my city council job is the people. I love getting to know more of the great people of our city. In addressing challenges for our city I try to employ my nursing strategies to—first strive to assess the needs by listening, reading, learning, and looking for all factors that may be influencing the problem. Next I seek to understand the problem from all sides to try to make an accurate ‘diagnosis’. I make a plan and try to set measurable goals to work toward solving the problem. By implementing those goals and evaluating their effect it helps answer these questions-- Did the legislation bring about a greater good? Did it move us closer to achieving our goals as a city? Although the nursing process doesn’t directly translate to legislative work it can be helpful to tweak and refine the process and I believe the process is invaluable.

I will share just a few of my legislative priorities for this year—a sustainable budget, creating a dedicated funding source to take care of infrastructure needs, encouraging measures to increase the economic health of our city, promoting health and safety, and keeping Provo the best place to raise a family--this is a goal Council Member Dave Sewell shared with the council and I agree that this one goal encompasses many of my own. I look forward to discussing goals as a council-- and through diligent teamwork-- planning for a great new year. 

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