Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Codifying the Provo City Code

Provo City Code

The City of Provo periodically performs a codification of its ordinances. This means that the City Code is updated with new ordinances passed and any errors or duplications eliminated. Then the City Council votes to amend Section 1.01.010 and Section 1.01.020 of the City Code to adopt that official edition and have it supersede any previously codified ordinance.

 On January 6, Council Members passed the necessary ordinance amendment to make this the most correct version of the Provo City Code. Appreciation was expressed for the efforts of Louise Jorgensen in the Council office for her work in getting this project done in time for the first Council Meeting of the year.

The online version of the City Code is updated within two weeks of an ordinance being passed. It is available at

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