Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Summary of the December 2 Council Meeting

In the Work Session

Presentation by Council Budget Committee:
The Budget Committee, Council Members, and the Mayor discussed the idea of cost recovery through the use of user fees. Concerns were raised regarding which types of services should result in fees. The Mayor's staff proposed some revisions to the resolution establishing the policy and intent of user fees. The Budget Committee will review these suggestions and bring it back to a future Work Meeting.

2015 Council Priorities:
After receiving input from all but one Council Member, the prospective priorities were ranked. The most popular item was a structurally balanced budget initiative. Because this is a very broad objective it will need to be broken down into smaller steps. Regulatory tools for proportional control of subsidized housing and general fund CIP dedicated funding source were the next two on the priorities list. The Mayor's office has also been developing a list of priorities for 2015 and both lists will be reviewed at the next Work Meeting.

Residential Placeholder Zones:
Council Members talked about the idea of residential placeholder zones (pre-zoning). This involves changing the zoning of properties in advance rather than waiting for an owner or developer to request it. The advantage to doing this is that it can help the General Plan and Neighborhood Plans move forward by encouraging the development of properties because the zoning is already in place. One drawback to pre-zoning an area is that it removes part of the process that may be wanted in order to be more selective in development of properties. The desire for pre-zoning currently comes up in some areas of the city where agricultural areas are becoming more residential. There are many factors to consider on this matter.

The Council also:
  • Discussed a potential resolution against "fight nights"
  • Heard a report from the Provo Bicycle Collective about their use of surplus bicycles donated by Provo City
  • Heard an overview of the Provo City Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (CAFR) and Audit Report
  • Discussed the Downtown Specific Area Plan
  • Heard information regarding the request to issue Water and Wastewater Revenue Bonds
  • Discussed an ordinance to amend City Code on disclosure of conflict of interest
  • Discussed a request for a text amendment to the Neighborhood Shopping Center Zone regarding acreage requirements for funeral homes
  • Discussed a rezoning request in the Fort Utah Neighborhood

In the Formal Meeting

Water and Wastewater Revenue Bonds:
The Council passed a resolution authorizing the terms for the issuance and sale of up to $12 million in Water Revenue Bonds and up to $10 million in Wastewater Revenue Bonds.  These will be used to make improvements to the water and wastewater systems and add needed storage tanks, water lines, etc. A notice will be published in the newspaper giving Provo residents 30 days to ask questions and give comments. At the January 20, 2015, Council Meeting there will be a public hearing on the bonds and the Council will vote on the final terms of the bonds and approval of the sale.

Broadview Shores development agreement:
Council Members discussed the proposed amendment to the Broadview Shores development agreement. Several Council Members had attended the Lakeview North Neighborhood meeting with the developer. Feedback from neighborhood residents and an analysis by the Council staff were considered as well as input from the developer and the Provo City planner assigned to the project. The Council approved the resolution authorizing the Mayor to execute an amended development agreement for this property.

The Council also:
  • Honored Fia Eyre as Provo City's November Employee of the Month.
  • Enjoyed a presentation from the Covey Center - "Joyful Noise"
  • Heard Doug Thayer's memoirs presentation
  • Learned more about Provo City's annual charitable campaign
  • Approved a resolution authorizing the Police Department to, on an ongoing basis, donate bicycles no longer needed for evidence and have not been claimed.
  • Passed an ordinance granting Syringa Networks, LLC a nonexclusive franchise to operate a telecommunications network in Provo
  • Amended Title 15 (Land Use and Development) of the Provo City Code to clarify certain provisions
  • Approved a resolution accepting the Provo City Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (CAFR) and Audit Report
  • Passed an ordinance amending City Code Section 2.70.010 Conflicts of Interest - Disclosure
  • Amended several items in the City Code to update references to state code and to correct minor grammatical errors
  • Postponed the vote on a resolution regarding user fees until the January 6, 2015, meeting
  • Passed a resolution adopting the Council regular meeting schedule for 2015
  • Postponed the vote on the new City Flag design until the January 6, 2015, meeting
This is a general summary of the Council's meetings. For a more detailed agenda and minutes, please visit our public documents site:
Video recordings:  Work Meeting and Council Meeting 

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