Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Provo City Municipal Council Work Session - November 11, 2014

Note:  The date on the caption in the video is incorrect. This is the November 11, 2014, meeting. We apologize for the technical difficulties with the sound.

Agenda (Times have been added to the ends of the individual agenda items to help you find them in the video)

1.    Roll Call

2.    Opening Prayer - offered by Gary Millward, Assistant City Attorney.

3.    Approval of Minutes  0:16:00

4.    A presentation by the Council Budget Committee and discussion on establishing an outcome policy for the cost-recovery of user fees. (14-097) 0:18:03

5.    Scheduled Break

6.    A policy analyst report on the proposed street vacations associated with the Intermountain Health Care (IHC) Master Plan expansion. (14-089) 1:59:06

7.    A policy analyst report on a proposed North State Street Community Development Area (CDA) generally located northeasterly of 1400 North State Street. (14-076) 2:40:27

8.    A quarterly report from the Sustainability Committee. (14-067) 2:55:53

9.    A presentation relative to the value and benefits of the preservation of agricultural property and industry, specifically on Provo's West Side. (14-098) 3:21:56

10.    A Council Internal Governance Committee recommendation on an ordinance amending Chapter 2.70.010. Conflict of Interest - Disclosure. (14-099) 3:57:11

11.    An update on the process for establishing Council Priorities for the 2015 calendar year.(14-082) 4:31:26

12.    An update on and consideration to adopt a proposed community forum for the preparation of citizen initiated policy and legislation and proposed to be called "The People's Lobby". (14-093) 4:53:25

13.    A discussion on a request by City of Provo Public Works Department for various amendments to Title 15 of the Provo City Code, to clarify certain provisions and to update the consolidated fee schedule of the City.  City Wide Application. (14-0005OA) 5:05:52

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