Monday, November 10, 2014

Neighborhood Matching Grants

from Louise Jorgensen

With winter almost upon us this is a great time to have a neighborhood meeting and do some neighborhood visioning. Visioning the neighborhood allows residents to set some goals and carry out neighborhood projects to achieve those goals.

Perhaps you already have a project in mind such as fixing up the eyesores in your neighborhood, designing a gathering place, painting an intersection to slow traffic, or helping a widow paint her house. There are so many ways to improve your neighborhood and the Matching Grants Program is our way of supporting Provo's Neighborhood Program with these types of projects.

I would be happy to come to a neighborhood meeting and take you through a visioning process to help you come up with some ideas. Or, you could come into the Council Office and we could work on some ideas together.  Neighborhoods can apply for grants of up to $5,000 and match the grants with donated supplies and volunteer labor. 
If you have questions or want to get started on applying for one of these matching grants,
please contact Louise at 801-852-6120 or

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