Thursday, October 23, 2014

Sidewalks in Rivergrove
Something's been missing over in the Rivergrove Neighborhood and you may not have noticed unless you tried going for a walk along 800 West. SIDEWALKS - Rivergrove needed sidewalks.

With the help of a Neighborhood Matching Grant, the neighborhood pulled in its resources and transformed this section of 800 West. This didn't all happen overnight. Several work sessions happened over a three month period of time to take care of preparing each area and later pouring the concrete.

Rivergrove is grateful for the help of the many volunteers, novice and professional, who came from their own neighborhood as well as the Carterville Neighborhood nearby. Council Member Kay Van Buren pitched in several times and Provo City has helped with the corners and taking out and replacing the light poles in the project area. Local eateries Molly's and Shirley's even donated food for the volunteer workforce. Many thanks also go to Miller General Contractors for donating the excavation work.

We're happy that the "Walkable Rivergrove" project was such a success and that so many neighbors of all ages came together to make it happen.

Ribbon Cutting, October 25, 2014

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