Monday, October 6, 2014

Light Up Downtown Provo

The Downtown Neighborhood (Central Business District) recently completed their neighborhood project and celebrated with a "Light Up Downtown Provo" event.The first part of the project involved more than 300 volunteers who did some cleanup work on the landscaping. That labor helped provide a "match" for the Neighborhood Matching Grant used to purchase the lights for the next part of the project.

Strings of lights are now hung over the sidewalks along Center Street. These will stay up year round, adding a wonderful new ambiance to the downtown area.

Matthew Taylor and Kay Van Buren
At the event to officially turn on the lights, City Council Members were on hand to see the results of all the hard work and to congratulate those who helped make it happen. Mike Buonomo from Downtown Provo got the countdown started and soon the lights were glowing down both sides of the street.

A special presentation was also made to Louise Jorgensen who has been coordinating the Neighborhood Program and the Matching Grants Program for many years.

For more photos, see the Provo City Council Facebook page.

Louise Jorgensen, Kim Santiago, Mike Buonomo, Dave Sewell

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