Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Summary of the September 16 City Council Meeting

In the Work Session

BRT Update:
The Council heard an update from the Provo-Orem Bus Rapid Transit project team. Design work is nearly done and it is anticipated that the project will be done by early 2017. The City's forester is currently doing an inventory of the trees impacted by the project to see what can be moved or saved.

Locally Targeted Objectives:
The Redevelopment Agency presented the results of a citizen survey and discussed Locally Targeted Objectives for the allocation of Federal block grant monies in the 5-Year Provo City Consolidated Plan. Council Members will suggest wording and priorities and send them to Redevelopment Agency.

The Council also:
  • Heard an update from the Municipal Council Budget Committee.
  • Received training regarding the Metropolitan Water District of Provo.
  • Discussed requirements for the connection of stubbed roads into roads for newly developed property. 
  • Discussed a proposed resolution for funding for a city-wide retail strategy study.

In the Formal Meeting

Tier 3 Gasoline:
The Mayor and the Council approved a joint resolution outlining their support for thorough research of Tier 3 gasoline and exploration of other possible air quality enhancements for Utah. This resolution will be delivered to the Utah State Legislature.

The Council also:
  • Approved a resolution for the appropriation of $50,000 for a city-wide retail strategy study.

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