Monday, July 7, 2014

Clear the Air - Together

The Provo Council recently issued a joint resolution with the Provo City Mayor supporting a Clear the Air Challenge initiative sponsored by Utah’s Division of Air Quality and its partners in UDOT and other agencies.

The Clear the Air Challenge, which runs from July 1 to 31, encourages Utah residents find alternative means of transit for trips to and from school, shopping, and work by utilizing public transit, walking, and biking. The goal of the Clear the Air Challenge is to assist Utahns to drive less, drive smarter, to reduce traffic congestion, conserve energy, and improve air quality.
Residents wishing to participate are encouraged to minimize vehicle use by chaining together essential trips, or carpooling when necessary. This will minimize CO2 emissions from vehicles which contribute to pollution.

Why it’s important? 
The summer smog season is nearly upon us, and the residents may see the effects of pollution and its impacts on the environment, health, public welfare, and safety of those living in this community. The Clear the Air Challenge also encourages wise energy use, and reductions of traffic congestion.

If you’d like to read the full text of the resolution, please see here

To find out more about the Clear the Air Challenge, or to join, visit their website here.

Do your lungs a favor, and sign up now. 

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