Thursday, April 3, 2014

Historical Marker Landscape clean-up on Sat. 12 April, 2014

Members of the Provo community have organized a cleanup of a landscaped area adjacent to the Saw and Grist Mill Historical Marker to take place on Sat. April 12, at 10 a.m. The marker is located adjacent to Taco Bell at 150 West 1230 North.  

Provo City will have a dumpster and tree pruning crew join the cleanup effort.


Some windblown trash along the edge of the cleanup site.

Mills Park weeds.jpg

The public facing front of the site, Provo #202, Saw and Grist Mill Historical Marker.

The idea for a cleanup of at Mills Park was introduced on the Provo politics and news Facebook group “Our Provo” by admin Melanie McCoard. McCoard notified the Council of the event at its April 1, 2014 regular Council Meeting during public comment.

Tosh Metzger, a citizen who wrote of his support for the cleanup effort on Our Provo wrote, “I’m really loving this energy! I’m in! I think we could really make a difference here!...When I drove by after getting a few tacos and an empanada, I was sickened to see so much trash at a really cool place!”

The effort quickly grew as members of the community pledged to take part in assisting the cleanup.

If you’re interested in attending, bring work gloves and be prepared for a community effort.

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